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Order The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Joint winner of The Wirral
+Bronze Winner of the
Amazing Book Award


'Smart, dark and graceful,
will send chills down your

Evie Seo - Bookish Blog

Read the sequel:

The Hunting out now

PLV Radio Live On-Air
Positive Living Radio
Sara Troy interviews
Sam Hawksmoor 26 Nov

The International Writer's Magazine:
November 2013
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Where Cows & Princesses Glide through Mud - Colin Todhunter
Look up, but certainly look down as well. Just watch your step. There are a million stones to negotiate...
Hungary - The Hard Country
Fred C Wilson 111

The Republic of Hungary or Magyarorszag is a world class tourist destination though people know very little about this country.
Kutna Hora and the Chapel of Bones
John M Edwards

Kutna Hora was a silver mining town in Medieval times, with its own mint, and today the Historical Town Center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Songwriting Around The World
Will Thomas

Walk through the Grand Bazzar you’ll have a million things to write about. A restaurant exploded the same night we ate dinner...
Huangshi Learning
Dr Steve Collins

I had visited many of the better known cities in China but this was a first to the 'outback' so to speak.

Birth of a Cynical Age
James Campion

...no human drama had better crystallized America – its psyche, its message and medium, its resolve and destiny quite so completely and violently as what transpired that overcast autumn afternoon in Dallas, Texas...
It Came From New Jersey...
James Campion

Chris Christie, Republican Governor of the Garden State, is running for president...
Half-Way Spain

James Skinner

The Government has reached the halfway point. I honestly believe this country is still in deep trouble and has in fact lost its leadership.
Flu Season Hacking
Dean Borok

If I were Obama I would lay awake at night worrying about NSA hacking of foreign governments
The Gettysburg Address at 150
James Campion

One-hundred and fifty years ago, Lincoln presented his address on the hallowed grounds of an American massacre

A Life at Sea with Escaping Pavement
Three years ago, I was a artist/performer fresh out of music school and a part of a band, Escaping Pavement, looking for a way to make a living by performing
Dad's looking down on me
Chris MacAdie

My father who died in 1990 is still looking down on me, all these years later.
New York Promises to Be Different
Dean Borok

New York mayor-elect Bill De Blasio is already generating a cottage industry of fear and derision among white ethnic New Yorkers and the sources of media power
The Magic of Geekdom
Phillip Sutcliffe-Mott

No person truly knows what a “geek” is. This is ironic, as..., no human has walked this earth who was not one.
No Climate for Old Men
Sam North

Extreme weather will get us all in the end
The World of Jenever in Amsterdam
Paul-Christian Markovski

What was invented by a Dutch chemist and alchemist, thought to help against gout, and spread quickly to become an attractive item to trade in the 16th century?

REVIEWS Film & Books

The Hunting Sara Troy interviews Sam Hawksmoor live on PLV Radio here 11.26.13


Sam Hawksmoor

A girl, Chrysanthemums and the end of the world - your average date night
Valentine’s Day
Martin Green

George Blake really didn’t like Valentine’s Day.  Now that he was an old married man with two kids he wanted his life to go along smoothly and occasions like Valentine’s Day had a way of causing complications.

Adventurous Abby
Oswaldo Jimenez

Abby, of course, had her plans carefully laid out. She’d been working out her itinerary long before she had the required maturity to be traveling on her own...
La Venganza - The Revenge
Susan Arthur

If they had asked me I would have been able to relate the whole story from start to finish. I would have even been able to tell them the history behind the story, but no one asked me, nor did I volunteer
Hidden Departures
Abigail George

My sister is a fine thing. I do not take her advice. Her voice is a dark world. She is a siren, a star with her red rinsed hair, her polish, and her talons. She feels like Alice in Wonderland to me. She is that rare thing. She is a thing of beauty.
Crystal Ball
Linn Li

If you could forsee your fate, will you still like to continue it? One day, I have a strange dream. A honeyed voice calls out to me...
For you my child, with love...
Michelle D'costa

Baby, my friends had always called me ‘Weird’ you know. I was never ashamed of it...
Mockingjay Catching Fire:
Hunger Games - Part Two

Sam North review
The second one is always a hard task.  Do you remind everyone about what happened in the first or just get into it?  If you didn’t see part one – well why the hell not?
Lou Reed 1942-2013
James Campion
'When you dance hard…slow dancing'.
- Lou Reed “Rock Minuet”
'do-to-do-do-to-do-do - rahhhh'
In The Mood For Love
Dan Schneider

Watching Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love, was an interesting experience: the 99 minute long film is clearly a superior work of art and cinema
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum -
Augustus de Morgan
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