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Order The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Joint winner of 'The Wirral'
+Bronze Winner of the
Amazing Book Award


'Smart, dark and graceful,
will send chills down your

Evie Seo - Bookish Blog

Read the sequel:

The Hunting out now
Meet Sam in Canada in October

The International Writer's Magazine:
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How we live
Angola Avante!
Fred C. Wilson III

Angolans are in the process of rebuilding their country from the ground up
Seoul Food
Fred C Wilson 111

Seoul, South Korea is one of the most exotic places on the planet
Welcome to Sarajevo
Diana Predrag

This city is nicknamed ‘Jerusalem of Europe’ Lonely Planet named it the 43rd best city in the world
Up Close and Personal in Chennai
Colin Todhunter

It’s a walk through the Triplicane and Royapettah areas of Chennai in July. It’s always hot here...
Travails of a Roadside Travelin' Freak Show - Michael Britton
Once a reasonably wealthy internet entrepreneur, now reduced to licking the dust at the bottom of the abyss, I have attempted a new paradigm for living; herein follows sage wisdom for a young and despairing generation ... run!
Keeping it Clean on Mint Street,
Colin Todhunte
An old woman in rags, performs the sweeping-street-dust-into-the-air ritual twice daily. At least until the dust settles again

Lou Reed 1942-2013
James Campion
'When you dance hard…slow dancing'.
- Lou Reed “Rock Minuet”
Hammer Time for Joe Cool

For Good or Ill, President Displays Lame Duck Balls - James Campion

Joe Cool has simply told everyone to go screw
The House Divided Principle

James Campion

Terrorist Politics 101
The Republicans - defiant, petty and destructive
Mask Is The End of the World Really Nigh? - Kate Pond
The way we talk about nuclear power is not helpful to anyone. The recent leak at the Fukushima power plant has brought nuclear energy production back to the headlines
Meltdown on K Street
Dean Borok

Obamacare goes online... chaos rules
Losing Patience in Spain
James Skinner
Spaniards are fed up of political bickering, government statements of ‘the end of recession’, independence pleas by regional nationalists, banking disorders, corruption in practically every sector of the community...

Halloween Candy Lust
John M Edwards

“If you don’t give me your candy, I’m going to bloody your nose!” menaced the big kid
James Campion

Straight as an arrow; stoic with a slightly visible breath – a fierce figure of calm in a gathering storm standing upon a raised patch of dirt 18 feet in diameter
Gobular Theory: Refuted
John Vaughn

There are certain pundits in our midst who are engaged in brazenly poisoning the minds of our youth
A Guide to the Lonely Planet
Jonathon Engels

It takes little more than a couple of conversations about a place, the possible next destination, and my wife or I will buy the Lonely Planet...
Favorite Craft Beers from across Canada- Jeffrey Straker
I love micro-brewed beers & craft beers with intense full flavour. I am lucky enough to have had the luxury of sampling them in almost all the provinces across Canada via touring in support of my music.
US Supreme Court: Dialogue
Deborah Levine & Roy Valenzuela

We invite you to join our irreverent, comic, and cosmic conversation about the Supreme Court and its context in The Grand Scheme of Humanity.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Abigail George

I have to fall in love with someone else, marry someone else, perhaps he will have children, grown up children, so that me not having to have children won’t be such a tragedy and I won’t be in love with a ghost like I have been for the past twelve years.
New Year's Eve - A Little Past Midnight
Martin Green

People were shouting Happy New Year and yes, there was Nora, kissing him...
From the Dreamscapes Archives
The Vampire's Garden
Natalie Tehrani
The garden was silent and still. Moonlight seeped across the grass, a dark velvet sea, soft and seductive to my bare touch. Each blade of grass caressing my skin gently as I walked.
Chinese Syndrome
Joseph Guderian is drilling for oil
Hank Croix walked out of the pharmacy mumbling to himself when he couldn’t get a refill on his prescription for sleeping pills. He was told he’d have to wait until the doctor returned to the drilling camp next week.
Oswaldo Jimenez

Mura Kami was her given name. Mura: to reflect the practicality of her spirit. Kami: to deliver the spirit of her ancestors. She saw herself as a human being first, then as a woman
Al Norte
Susan Arthur

The same scene was being played out in at least four other homes, he thought. Perhaps it was the same in all of the other 28 homes but he didn't know those people nor their families
When Carol Came to Call
Sam Hawksmoor

I came for the skies...
My First Heartbreak
Imraan Khan

My grandmother was a beautiful, goddess like figure: she had fair, glowing skin, large brown eyes, thick black hair that flow down to her lower back and a heart made from gold.

Shadows & Haze

Books 1 & 2 by Paula Weston
Sam Hawksmoor review

Angels seem to get themselves into a lot of trouble when they walk the earth.
The Station: Athos: Treasure and Men
John M. Edwards

Robert Byron’s “The Road to Oxiana” was a smashing success, but was his other great book on The Great Game, the severely neglected “lost” classic “The Station,” in some ways even better?
Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse
Edited by John Joseph Adams

Welcome to the Apocalypse - Roll up to all the doom and gloom you could possibly want

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum -
Augustus de Morgan
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