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The International Writers Magazine: Cruise Band

A Life at Sea with Escaping Pavement

Three years ago, I was a fledgling artist/performer fresh out of music school and a part of a band, Escaping Pavement, looking for a way to make a living by performing full-time. The discovery of careers aboard a cruise ship was just the opportunity we were looking for and seemed to be the perfect opportunity to travel abroad and do what we love at once.
Escaping Pavement

Cruising expanded our horizons with visits along the coasts of North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Central and South America, and many other exhilarating places. It was a truly rewarding experience and months living at sea have given us loads of insight to cruising. We would like to share our findings and have pinpointed exactly what can make your next (or first) cruise a truly great one:

1: Expect the unexpected. Weather is truly unpredictable and my bandmates and I have lived through some of the worst weather I’ve ever encountered in my life. The crewmembers will always try to avoid these kinds of situations at all costs in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for you. This may include taking detours to alternative ports or an additional day at sea. Other times, storms and uneasy seas may be unavoidable and the ship must sail through torrential weather until it subsides. Be sure to pack appropriate gear should the forecast change while at sea.
2: Stay positive! Though unpredictable weather and other circumstances can conflict with expectations of your “perfect trip”, don’t be discouraged. Everything has a “bright side” and these situations always make a great story to tell in the future!
3: Cruise during the off-peak season. July through December are key months for securing less expensive cruises the Northern Atlantic and Pacific Northwest. Cruising during the off-peak season also means less people on shore excursions, shorter wait times when getting on and off the ship at ports, more food at the buffet, etc, get my point. Less people means more space for you to do your thing!
4: Cabin upgrades are 100% worth it. Paying a little more for a cabin upgrade with a porthole or balcony is like snagging yourself an exit row seat on an airplane, it’s amazing! I spent seven months in a completely dark 6’x10’ room and I would’ve been elated to have a cabin with natural light!
5: Be sure to get a room tailored to your needs. If you have a tendency to get seasick, search for rooms that are on lower decks and are near the center or the back of the ship. These are the areas of the ship where you will feel the least amount of sway or the pounding of waves and will alleviate your nausea.
6: Thoroughly research your Ports of Call and create an itinerary to get the most out of your vacation. Often times a ship will dock at a place that can be far away from a popular city or anything with many visitor attractions. If you choose to get off the ship and explore on your own, you are often limited to 6 hours to have your independent time until you are called aboard and leave for the next destination. Planning ahead allows you to maximize your experience within these constraints so that you are not left behind.
7: Treat every crewmember with the utmost respect. Remember, this cruise ship is where they work and live for months on end. They are in their work environment 24/7 and therefore "on the clock" 24/7 as well. This requirement can be very tolling and your courtesy when interacting with them is always appreciated. A happy crew lends to the energy of the ship and, in turn, will contribute to your wonderful trip.

Each of us reflects fondly of our “life at sea” and this experience is one we wouldn’t trade for the world. We believe cruising is a great way to explore many different areas at once and are these sure tips will guarantee an enjoyable trip for you. Enjoy your cruise and 'Escape the Pavement'!
Escaping Pavement is available for guest posts and interviews at your request. If you would like to learn more about Escaping Pavement you can do so here -

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