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Dog Quinn, Friend Denise and Casey Kasem
• G. David Schwartz


They say things come in threes. It has long seemed to me that things (and people, who are not things) also depart in threes.  

Just last year, two friends and one mother departed and this year,  one well known famous person,  one virtually unknown wonderful woman and one man's best friend have got to the end. 
Got to their end is quite an odd way to say died.  Oh well.

In my opinion, death is the supreme insult  and the mystical number three represent past, present and future, begging middle and end, Zeus – ruler of the sky, Poseidon – ruler of the sea and  Hades – ruler of the underworld in Greece, and Three Wise Men came to Jesus bearing three gifts; gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Today from the last week another set of threes occurs, a friend Denise (thankfully I am told quick and unexpectedly), Casey Kasem, world famous and our third man's best friend,  Quinn.   

I have thought for years about this sum of four many times. So many times in fact, that I thought if you wishes to call me neurotic  I would have no other recourse  except to  say "So, so what, so that the h***?" I did not choose to spell out the word that some people think is frosty word, some think a future residence and some think a word in the Bible and note how many letters I left out.  Three! It is not uncanny but supremely canny. 

So I believe we, as right thinking human beings ought perform something which will end the shenanigans  promoting superstition and fear. And now that I mention these shenanigans, I note that the reader may have gotten resilient and fed up and left reading, but I hope just reading this, not reading altogether. 

I am just terrified I will be number four.

Goodbye Denise, sleep well Quinn and Casey, we will miss you.  

© G. David Schwartz June 2014 

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