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Discover Manila - A City full of Suprises - Sean Lee
Manila is changing and welcoming hundreds and thousands of visitors from across the globe.
Spanking The Children of Paradise
Michael Britton

I never saw a body washed up on a beach before. From a distance he looked to be enjoying the waves lapping over him as you or I would enjoy laying in the surf on a hot afternoon
San Francisco
Fred C. Wilson III

San Francisco has an exotic quality about it compared to your average American city with its lookalike brownstone dwellings

Mermaids, Coffee and Hash
Colin Todhunter

Never go to Copenhagen! If you hate great architecture, never visit. If you despise lovely canals, don’t bother
How to do The Seychelles on a Budget - Danielle Caldron
The Seychelles can be an affordable holiday destination for solo travelers with the right planning.
Under the Skin of St Petersburg
Fi McIntyre

I’d been working in St Petersburg as an English teacher for four months when my parents decided it was time for a visit...

VA Scandal:Our Legacy, Our Sin
James Campion

Over two administrations now, both Republican and Democrat, there have been revelations of egregious treatment of veterans by our system
Rob Astorino Takes The Stage
James Campion

Republican Candidate for Governor of New York On The Road Less Traveled
The Constitution and Spain
James Skinner

The founding members made one mistake. The whole document was buried in solid concrete, bound and gagged never to be altered under any circumstances
Moral Necessity of Veganism
Rob Marenghi

Please join me in imagining a planet where the following happens – billions of cats and dogs are raised in unpleasant conditions, killed and the eaten by humans.

Antiguan Retreat: Moving Past the Honeymoon Phase
Amy Siqveland

Though I’m not one to usually laze around on the beach, when I was informed that I had a won a “free trip” to a “wellness sanctuary” in Antigua, I was ecstatic to be able to defrost
Bar Mitvah Survival Techniques
Dean Borok

The problems with Bar Mitzvahs is that they are all about kids. I can take the three-hour ceremony in the synagogue... But don’t invite me to the reception, where it’s six hours more of the same.
Sooke Harbour House:
Dining On Vancouver Island
John M. Edwards

I felt like a character out of “Finding Nemo” as I immersed myself in the Philip’s octopuses’ garden with no shade
The Sanctity of Cool: and the threat of modern hipsterism- R.J. Cowan
The fashion of the hipster is paramount
Dear AR
Julie McSmith

I’m writing you a letter that I know you won’t be able to read, because you have dyslexia.  Yet, I feel I must write to you. 

REVIEWS Film & Books
Be Right Back
Ian Geronimo

I’m sitting across from Jane in the outdoor area of my favorite Indian Food restaurant in Los Angeles. She’s dressed casually. Her hair, longer than the last time I saw her, is falling out of her hood that she has drawn, perhaps because she is cold.
Octavia Street
Martin Green

Lately I’ve been thinking about the time I lived in an apartment on Octavia Street in San Francisco
If I had to do it over...
Oswaldo Jimenez

The car was a white, two-seater, 1965, British made, Triumph Spitfire, convertible. Low to the ground and high on looks.
Munich Sheep in Winter
Abigail George

'A family is only perfect in a photograph' ...

The Job Interview
Philip Perry

“Rod MacInerney here to see Mr. Hummer, Mr. Richards and Ms. Toole,” he said politely to the security guard. The guard was dressed like a cop, had a badge, a gun, everything. His security uniform must have been too small. He bulged through it and his sleeves were rolled up to show off his biceps.
Zach Runs from a Great Man
Michael Chacko Daniels
link to The Mendonça Mystery

Ruin & Rising
Leigh Bardugo

Indigo Books
Sam Hawksmoor
At last the final book in The Grisha Trilogy is published this June...see Shadow & Bone review
The Oddness of Olaf Stapledon
John M. Edwards

Olaf’s far-sighted polemic philosophical books, not novels, still stay with readers long after digestion
Genie Magee
Author Inteview
Marcel D’Agneau
Sam Hawksmoor about The Heaviness
Storm Chaser by Sheila Rance
Orion Books

Pub 8 May 2014
There is a clever rat that weaves its way throughout and an assassin that cannot be trusted by anyone.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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