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The International Writers Magazine: Manila is changing and welcoming hundreds and thousands of visitors from across the globe.

Manila – an under-explored city full of surpises
• Sean Lee

While deciding on a travel destination, we usually tend to look for places that have been visited by innumerable tourists and travelers and ample information is available about the same. This is particularly done when a family holiday or vacation is being planned.


However, there are few adventurous souls who like to travel to less frequented and less-explored places. One such destination in Asia is that of Manila, the capital city of Philippines. When compared to many other Asian cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo etc, Manila has never been on the top lists as holiday destinations in Asia. However, the scenario is changing with time as the city is welcoming hundreds and thousands of visitors from across the globe.

Manila is slowly gaining popularity with travelers as it is an important gateway to the various destinations in Philippines. After reaching Manila, it is possible to avail other modes of transport and reach to the other places of attractions in the country.

Photo: The famous Manila Jeepney Bus
Manila Bus
Manila Airport Reaching Manila in the most comfortable manner. There are innumerable flights that connect Manila to the major countries of the world. It is also quite interesting to note that exceptional deals and discounts are offered on business class flights now, which have made traveling highly comfortable. Discounts to the extent of 77% are offered on business class tickets. Traveling via business class specials have made traveling in business class possible at the rates of economy class tickets. Click here to know about best business class airline deals and the comforts of traveling in this class.
Things to do in Manila – activities that interest the travelers. Whether you are visiting Manila to explore the city or getting down at Manila for proceeding to the other Philippines destinations, take some time out to see the city. It is very interesting to see that Manila is a beautiful city, with high levels of energy and activity. Taking a look at the city will also let you know that the city is a bright and colorful one. Here are some interesting activities that can keep you engaged in Manila making your vacation a pleasurable one:
Photo: San Augustin Church - Intramuros
  • Taking a look at the various places of attractions in the city – If you thought that Manila lacked places of tourist attractions, you were mistaken. Do not forget to visit the Intramuros (the stone citadel, spread over an area of 64-hectares), Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Malate, Rizal Monument, For Santiago and many other places of tourist interest in the city. There are other places of attractions in the Metro Manila area as well as in the close by areas.
  • Enjoy shopping – Shopping is one of the most important activities in which travelers and tourists love to indulge during their stay in Manila. Along with conventional shopping districts like Ortigas Center and Bonifacio Global City, Manila also has large shopping malls and shopping centers where various kinds of indigenous Philippines items can be obtained. Some of the most popular shopping destinations in Manila include SM Mall of Asia, Greenhills Shopping Center, SM Megamall, Robinsons Place Manila etc.
  • Exploring the plazas and parks in Manila – Manila is well known for its expansive parks and plazas. Some of the well known parks and plazas in the city include Rizal Park, Plaza de Roma, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Plaza Miranda, Paco Park, Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center etc.

Apart from these mentioned places, Manila has many more attractions that can be explored while visiting the city.

Take some time and see the city from close quarters!

Photo: Marriott Manila
Find a hotel to stay in here:

Marriot Hotel
dragon boats
Manila is the capital city of Philippines and has many places of attractions for travelers and tourists. Reaching Manila has become convenient as various airlines offer great flights to the Philippines capital. With great discounts, these flights have become highly affordable for general passengers.

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