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The International Writers Magazine: Vacation USA

A Taste of the South
• Jasmyn Carpentier
It could be the beautiful weather, the breath-taking sights, or possibly just the southern hospitality alone that makes Charlotte, North Carolina one of the best vacation destinations in the United States.

Carowinds Its airport is located right in the heart of the city, which makes everything accessible by a short bus ride! There are plenty of hotels in the area – some may be cheaper than others based on the number of stars – but, either way, you will always be within walking distance of a place of entertainment.

Charlotte is the host of one of the most family-fun amusement parks in the U.S: Carowinds amusement/water Park. There is a ton to do in a day at the 122 acre park – take a ride on the huge “Carolina Cobra”, get splashed on one of the three water rides, watch a stage show, and a lot more! A day at Carowinds will cost about $55 a person, and it is well worth the price.
Lowes Chances are if you are a “Charlottean”, then you are a Nascar racing fan. Charlotte holds many attractions devoted to Nascar companies such as Roush racing (where you can get free souvenirs if you have a certain tour guide), the Nascar Hall of Fame, Gnassi racing, Joe Gibbs Inc., and others. A Nascar fan would not have their expectations fulfilled of Charlotte if they did not visit Lowe’s Motor Speedway to see a race, though. It is a wonderful experience to watch a race with other fans of the sport and cheer on your favorite driver on a warm, sunny day in Charlotte.
To experience the more subtle parts of the city, there are a number of museums and aquariums that you should be sure to visit in your time in Charlotte. Taking a tour of Charlotte by your choice of transportation – by foot, biking, a van, or, yes, even by Segway – is such an amazing way to take in the scenes of the city. Also, if you happen to be staying by Lake Norman there are many walking and biking trails surrounding the lake to enjoy wildlife and watch the sunset at the end of a day in the city. Lake Norman

Your search for a vacation spot ends here, Charlotte is perfect for any person, duo, or family to travel for a spectacular and entertaining time. Now, come to North Carolina and check it out!
© Jasmyn Carpentier May 2012           

Charlotte and how to get there

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