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Dean Borok
It’s Chinatown.  You’ll never get to the bottom of it.

John McCain said this week that he will advocate taking a hard line against Russia.  Wait a minute!  I though Russia was our friend and France was our enemy.  Oh, that was last week.

Let’s see: we are against all of Latin America except Colombia, who is our number one drug supplier.  That makes sense.  Bush wants to use the Federal Reserve to regulate the financial markets, which is what he was opposed to, but after the latest feedback from Republican congressmen that the party faces a meltdown in November he decided that it’s now a good idea.
McCain lost his marbles a long time ago when, after getting shot down by Jane Fonda, he told his Vietnamese captors, “I’m not leaving without my boys.”  The Vietnamese told him, “Hold on a there minute there, Duke, you invaded us!”
The Republicans realize what they have in McCain, George Steinbrenner in a Navy uniform, which is to say: a crackpot.  That’s why all their attention is turned to the Democratic race.  They dressed up Yoda in a wash and wear suit and called him Barack Obama, and they are using him to derail Hillary Clinton, who is really the latest Terminator morph of Bill Clinton, who is anxious to get back to chasing skirts around the desk in the Oval Office for another eight years.
The reactionary media is screaming at Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the race until they are blue in the face, but peer pressure is not working on her.  Weeks after she told her lame story about Bosnian sniper fire they are keeping it alive with on the ground reportage from Bosnia, dragging up testimonials from snipers who insist that they had the day off the day she landed.  This stupid Bosnian story is all that they have left, all other gambits having failed.
Obama is receiving massive infusions of campaign cash.  Don’t tell me that all that money is coming from Democrats who hate Hillary Clinton.  That animal doesn’t exist.  Black people don’t like her because she is standing in the way of their candidate.  How soon they forget – Bill and Hillary Clinton were the most devoted allies the black electorate ever had, and now they are calling her a bunch of dirty names.  No good deed ever goes unpunished.  No matter – all those campaign donations flooding to Obama are not coming from black voters.  They’re coming from Republican sources.
The Republicans are desperate to keep the nomination out of Clinton’s hands.  Look at the polling: she beats McCain in every market, but McCain beats Obama in every market.
Only an idiot cannot make the connection.  An Obama victory translates into a McCain administration.  Eight more years of no medical insurance, endless Iraq war, economic meltdown with hedge fund traders paying income taxes at a rate of 15% while I pay 40% and receive nothing back, foreign and domestic chaos.
Forget it, it’s Chinatown.
Dean Borok April 7th 2008

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