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••• The International Writers Magazine - 21 Years on-line - Climate

Climate Emergency Solutions
• Nick Millman
Why we need to fight to save our Planet

David Attenborough Greta

David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg are both climate change activists. One is 94 (Attenborough) and the other is 17 (Thunberg).  There are a range of similarities and differences with them both. One is a passionate wildlife and climate change documentary film maker and writer, the other a Swedish climate change activist with her whole life ahead. Planet Earth is headed for a problem with climate change, vis a vis, global warming and melting of the ice caps.

The comparison between the two could be noted in their interview together on Skype back in 2019. Attenborough called Thunberg’s success ‘admirable and astonishing 'and said that many people even after working for 20 years have not achieved what she has achieved with her campaigning for climate change.  Later in the feature, Thunberg goes on to say that it was Attenborough’s naturalist and documentaries about the natural world, that helped inspired her as a child.

Attenborough says that there is a ‘big danger looming’ and that he goes on to say that Thunberg has ‘woken up the world’. Attenborough is a man of science but only in the sense that he makes programmes about the natural world, and Thunberg is at the beginning of her life and she could pursue many career avenues but a focus on climate change would be the main goal.

Greta Thunberg furthermore enhanced her reputation, by sailing from Plymouth, UK to New York on board the Malizia II, in order to get to the UN Climate Action Summit of 2019. The main reason for going by yacht and not by plane, is because of her views on carbon emissions and that the yacht was an effective mode of transport for this. Greta’s work has also led to a ‘Flygskam’ movement where people don’t fly with airlines but by other less carbon emitting methods such as a yacht or boat.

It is important that the Governments and Organisations of the world address this problem now as soon it will be too late, and the Earth will find itself in a very different worse situation. This is what Thunberg and Attenborough are both campaigning for. I therefore asked about their similarities and differences with my friend, Georgina (not her real name) who is studying her Master of Economics at LSE and wanted in particular her views about the economic impact of climate change. So here goes!

Georgina states that there is a pressing need for immediate change but that this will have massive impact on the economy.  Industries in the Coal/Oil and Gas sector have and will suffer as a result with the loss of 1000s of jobs. Georgina furthermore concludes that Economics and Climate Change go hand-in-hand and play off one another.  She states that if economics were not a factor, the World would have been in a safe condition by now, environmentally.

10 Solutions to Reverse Climate Change
Refrigerant Management.
Wind Turbines (Onshore and offshore)
Reduced Food Waste. ...
Adoption of a Plant-Rich Diet.
Tropical Forest Restoration. (Save the Amazon)
Educating Girls.
Family Planning.
Solar Farms.

More science links to save the planet

© Nick Millman Nov 24th 2020
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