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Onwards to Colorado Summers
• Jelly Stone


Colorado remains one of the original sunny states in America. However, with its plenty of mountain covers and valleys which add to its charm, it also makes for one of the most charming summer vacation spots. Sitting in a lovely valley, drinking the local beer, and then having one of the old school Colorado hikes afterward can add to any vacation.

Summer is also the time when Colorado lets its hair down and enjoys. So, be sure that you’ll meet many locals and tourists on your hiking trails, and you and your family would never be lacking for company. Since the normal National Parks are usually crowded and there are a lot of tourists around the time, we’ve taken time out to help you decide the best places to visit in Colorado in the Summer, and here they go.

1: Paint Mines Interpretive Park

A mile south to El Paso, this Park attracts the people who want to see something different. Built entirely on sandstone formations, this park is a delicate ecosystem that has been preserved across centuries.
Paint Mines

Histories hold that the colorful clay found here was part of the war paint that Native Americans wore on their bodies back in the day.

It still stands like that, with colorful formations greeting you every step of the way from the moment you step into the park. You don’t have to worry about trails, since, there’s a predetermined trail already set up for visitors. However, since, the ecosystem is fragile and so one of a kind, the park authority forbids anyone to touch the sandstones.

Click the pictures of the geographic formations and mirror the eccentricity of the times they’re from, and check out the colorful clay that decorates the area throughout. You won’t find any visitor centers here for you to relax and stay calm, but, given that the hike is short and the nearest resting places are quite close to the park.

Hanging Lake

2. Hanging Lake

One of the hidden attractions in Colorado is the Hanging Lake. Standing atop the famous Glenwood Canyon, this Lake was a private retreat for a family back in the day.

Now, reclaimed, and tagged as a landmark by the forest service, the lake delights the hundreds of tourists who dare to take the mile-long hiking trip. One of the most popular hiking trails in Colorado, you won’t regret the decision to scale up this steep trail. Once you reach, the crystal clear water lake, surrounded by rock formations all around would be a delight you won’t soon forget.

Reaching here is a little tricky, so, remember to follow the guidelines exactly, since, the other trail that you can catch adds an extra four miles to your journey.

3. Mesa Verde National Park

The home of the Puebloans in the Twelfth and thirteenth century, this National Park is one slice of American history that not many of us are acquainted with.

Mesa Verde

Over the years, some of the sheens has gone out of the sandstone and adobe homes, but, they’re still beautiful to look at. Enjoy the rooms and the decorations that the Native Americans made back in the day, and check out the impressive architecture that they did. The entire populace was displaced in the matter of a century, and there’s little knowledge as to why. However, over the years this has become one of the favorite sites of archaeologists to find out about the Puebloan story, and about their cultures and rituals. If the beautiful sites and structures are any evidence, this is one place you’d leave with a knowledge of an entirely different culture that thrived back in the day.

Canyon of the ancients

4. Canyons of the Ancients

The Puebloan civilization left relics that would be remembered for years by everyone present, and it was a work of history that still lies unparalleled in America today. Home to over 6000 architectural sites...

This is the most extensive historical attraction you’ll see in America. You can enjoy the vast beauty of the shrines and reservoirs, and imagine how the Native Americans made their home in the American SouthWest. You’ll enjoy the beauty of their structures, carved out of sandstone by basic tools and hands, and the artworks that are preserved through the area. Remember to check out the various tools that they designed back in the day to keep the community functional, and also remember the way that the ancients lived.

One of the marvels of history, it's recommended that you bring your family with you to this place, to give them the taste of an America before their time.

5. Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods is made entirely by nature’s whims but, it doesn’t seem so. The “Balanced Rock” and the Spires have fascinated geologists for centuries, and you’ve to see them understand why.

Balanced Rock

Back in the day, Native Americans attributed this magnificent structure to the Gods and offered prayers. Now, it remains one of those spots in Colorado which you marvel at for its ingenuity. Nature has perhaps never made something so strange in any other part of the world, with sandstone and limestone predominating the area, the Garden of the Gods appears red, and pulls you in from the get-go, a reminder of the wildness of nature, and the sacredness that it should be known for. Near the thirtieth street from the Entrance is a Visitor's center which specializes in showcasing the history of the area. Try and book a movie-viewing experience, to know the history of the formations and everything else.

© Jelly Stone March 2019

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