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The International Writers Magazine: eFiction India

Review of eFiction India
• Michelle D'costa
Most of us need a reason to do something, a muse. For writers it has been eFiction India. Before this multi-faceted journal came into their lives their voice had been stifled.

Upon interacting with eFiction India contributors I learnt that most of them were surprised by this journal’s welcoming arms like an old friend. The reviews contributors receive for their writing through eFiction submission manager- Submishmash are very encouraging.
Even rejections have constructive criticisms.


Submishmash is a very convenient forum of submitting one’s work. If you haven’t used it yet, you don’t need to worry. It is very user friendly and their team is always accessible.

eFiction India team members are diverse in intellect, talent, age, cultural background etc. It has contributors from Pakistan, SriLanka, India and also Bahrain. Indian contributors are spread around different pockets of the country and happy to be noticed by enthusiastic readers and so are the overseas contributors who find eFiction India home away from home.

Despite having busy schedules each member takes time out to review one another’s work with honest feedback and not envy. Due to the positive reviews good writers receive for their work they begin to explore their writing skills and dare to try their imagination at different genres.

eFiction though new was very accommodating in the beginning itself. Nikhil Sharda and his team have seen eFiction India take its first steps and now look forward to its healthy future. It is a sister product of U.S magazine eFiction. Nikhil (India editor) has vouched that he won’t let Doug Lance (Chief Editor) down, instead he will surprise him.

Their first logo cradled The Indian flag with Ashoka’s chakra standing out but then it was transformed to imitate a Bindi to look apt yet desi which was widely accepted as it has International readers as well and Indian women all over the world take pride in their Bindi-ed forehead.

I look forward to their cover designs. So far with five issues under its belt it has had artistic covers varying around themes like Journey (October) signifying the start of its endeavour, Acceptance (November) portraying a platform for budding talents, Travel (December) signifying the passion of travellers/ writers despite the rocky journey/rejections, New Year (January) with bells ringing, Lotus (February) showcasing the best that eFiction chisels out of the raw talents and most recently a Tea stall(March) as it includes a very insightful piece on the same topic in the magazine.

The magazine not only started accepting flash fiction in its second issue itself, but also introduced monthly writing prompts shortly. I was amazed at the pace with which this magazine was going. From one liners to visual prompts. As nothing is easy especially when you’re experimenting the response to the prompts slowly built up but nevertheless it did and that’s what counts.

Then the pieces published in the magazine felt lonely and wanted illustrations to accompany them so the magazine launched artists who know what they’re doing.

If you are an artist I’m sure you would want your work to be the cover of an issue? Yes it is possible. Your work would be the face of the magazine. It better be the best!!

And if you’re an author I’m sure you would like to see your story on the site as ‘The Best Story of the Month’ or transformed into a movie?

If you’re a poet you would like your poem made into a song? Of course!!

The magazine envelopes an array of poetry, fiction, interviews, illustrations which display the talents of various contributors. Each piece has a unique voice therefore it caters to all kinds of readers. Recently eFiction India posted a flash fiction ‘Like and Love’ as ‘Story of the month’ on its website which has received very positive reviews so far.

They are an encouraging family which always have room for more talents. Contributors get a free copy in which their work has been featured. If you want to see you work in print what are you waiting for? Submit and hold your breath! If you have the fortune of getting published with eFiction India you will see a tear smear the page displaying your work. Your tear of pride.

If you have an even better fortune of getting your work turned into a song or film you will get that for free too!! Just imagine your happiness being a lyricist or a script writer!!!

Whatever the team does with your work like packaging it with a ribbon and presenting it to the world with your name on it of course will be done only after seeking your permission.

eFiction India has a vision. In light of that vision it recently released two songs ‘You and I’ & ‘Civilization’ based on the lyrics of poems published in its February and March issues. I’m sure you will be reminded of your special someone when you listen to ‘You and I’ and ‘Civilization’ is an eye-opener.

This magazine will reach unprecedented heights mainly because of its open mindedness. You could also expect some concrete poetry in its upcoming issues and stay tuned for more surprises your way.

The March issue has a visual poem called 'The Boat.’

If hard work pays off they will be the best literary journal you have come across by the end of the year with not only poems turned into songs and stories turned into movies but writers/artists turned into icons.

I have enjoyed Shifani Reffai’s stories so far. While the contributions have increased we can see diversity in the pieces published. Stories with varied themes such as Sexuality, Revenge etc.

In light of the recent Delhi gang rape case a few pieces were published out of which I found the poem ‘A Woman In India’ the best. A truly talented poet could only express grief so well. The illustration accompanying it also caught me off guard.

Keep an eye out for eFiction India’s most senior contributor Dr. Ananya Guha Sir’s works. We also have many more artists/writers who will surprise you so I will not name any more. I will let you discover your favourite on your own. Best of luck!!

© Michelle D'costa March 2013

April Fools’ Day
Michelle D’costa

You know you are damned if your family follows every single freaking special DAY of the year.

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