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Mean Tide
Mean Tide by Sam North
*Buy now and get 25% off

'Extraordinary novel about
a child's psychic awakening'

'An engaging, unusual
& completely engrossing
Beverly Birch author of 'Rift'

The Curse of the Nibelung -
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
by Sam North

'Chocolate will never be the
same again'
- Sunday Express
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The International Writer's Magazine: Our 12th : December - 2011 - Editorial
Here's to a lucky 2012 for all our readers
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A week in the Sticks
Darren Skelton

A log-cabin in the peak district on a farm in the middle of nowhere sounded like a winner. I didn't even have to “sell” the idea to my wife, who is petrified of the open out-doors
The Antipodean Dream
John M Edwards

On an Antipodean dream the stars are different water circles counterclockwise down the drain
Dog Days Gone Bye
Austin Muckinhaupt

The tides lather the beach as they roll up.  Leaving behind only froth and seaweed they retreat back just as lazily as they had arrived.  The sun is beginning to set.
John M. Edwards

When I was a kid with my family on the New England coast, at a protected and isolated vacation spot called “Salter’s Point” ( mythical to me and impossible to find on a map)
Do Andorrans Dream of Electric Cheap John M. Edwards
No replicant hitchhiker in his right mind would risk his or her life driving a “smuggled” car through the kingdom of Andorra
Time for another Thai Miracle
Jules Kay

Thailand recently endured its worst flood in living history. Bangkok, took a serious tourism hit as the international media broadcast images of widespread inundation

The Power of 12
James Campion

This will be the last column I pen this year, in the final days of this twelfth month of 2011, and I choose to write about the number 12. In a few days we embark on 2012, and each year I try and end the previous one with a tag line or a semantic touchstone for where things may go over the following calendar run. It's a way of cleansing by throwing something out there for kicks.
Simian Bonds
Dean Borok

Excuse me for stating the obvious, but marriage is for idiots, OK? Modern romantic love was created as a showbusiness gimmick by French poets and troubadours
Spain's Future within the EU?
James Skinner
- Part 2 12.12.11
There is a need for change in the Spanish Constitution returning power to the central government- another large hurdle for the new government to tackle.
Arab satellites promote revolution
Mawan Asmar

Every single Arab satellite television will justifiably claim, a few years down the road, they shared a piece of the communication pie in their protests coverage, whether in live broadcasts, documentaries, chat shows or flickering text messages at the bottom of the television screens.

Farewell to Hacks, a tech guru
Marwan Asmar

Hackwriters has been a true inspiration the world-over. It has provided an intellectual platform for writers from west to east, north to south who believe in the written word, at a time when its monopolized by cerebral elites who understand writing from a tunneled, non-dimensional approach.

Tabytha Towe: Last Diary Entry
I can document things in Hackwriters from when I was a silly teenager and see how much (or lack thereof) I have grown up over the years.  Things I have experienced and loved, lived and learned
Mother's Pride
Marcus De Storm

To rewind time to a decade that saw attitudes and respect levels that were tolerable, many would think that we would have to go back a long, long way - but they would be incorrect
The Male Necktie
James Morford
While struggling mightily to master an unknown knot, every boy has questioned the purpose behind that piece of cloth society decrees he loops around his neck and drapes down his chest. Grown men are puzzled as well.
Wisdom; in Reach … Hard to Grasp
el Levy
Science has yet to define the meaning of wisdom in scientific terminology. Maybe they require some type of clever or mathematical proof wisdom exists?

REVIEWS Film & Books

Premonitions of angels
Abigail George

Just keeping on. Flecked with dizzying introspection, difficult, monstrous yet inspiring new things that bring you joy
Fall's Gold
Duncan Shaw
I’m a writer, or at least I do some writing on the side.  My mind is immersed in words, in language.  I’m a talker too, a bit of a big mouth.  My life is a little like Mr. Bennet’s in Pride & Prejudice, the father with all girls who likes to tease them and their mother 
John Kujawski

Mira used to draw pictures of the devil.  When she wasn’t making sketches involving her vision of satan, she would  draw monsters and witches or vivd scenes of flesh eating zombies.  Mira wasn’t afraid of her creations and she wasn’t afraid of me.

A Truly Lousy Day
Martin Green

As a child of the Depression (the real one), who’d gone to cut-rate neighborhood dentists when a kid, drill buzzing away, no anesthetics, pain while helpless in the chair, going to the dentist would always be an ordeal
The Wounded Swallow
Oswaldo Jimenez

John Wayne Marshall had been dead four weeks before his neighbors had reported him missing.

Virginia Woolf in the Flesh
Abigail George

Before she began her day’s work Virginia Woolf began to write painstakingly yet in a beautiful old-fashioned script in her diary...
Oswaldo Jimenez

It’s the Vernal Equinox in Manhattan.  Purple shadows stick to everything in sight as the sun sinks at the far edge of West 42nd Street. “Shorty” Walker wobbles forward and back trying to escape from his shadow, but sinks right back into it, like an animal trapped in a tar pit.

Buying the House   
Martin Green

Tim opened his eyes,  saw sunlight slanting through the blinds and knew what he’d be doing that Saturday... searching for their first house in the suburbs

Sherlock Holmes
A Game of Shadows
Dir: Guy Ritchie
Starring: Robert Downey Jnr, Jude Law, Noomi Rapace 
Purists look away now - the second outing of Robert Downey Jnr as the Victorian sleuth Sherlock Holmes is a LOT of fun.  It’s an action packed thriller with cross dressing and very big guns.
The Mental Defective League
Dan Schneider review
One of the keys to Cochran’s success is that his book is utterly without pretense, something that Salinger’s book chokes on, from its lead character through its situations’ preciousness to its hordes of addled devotees’ wan and off-base interpretations.  
Life, Myths & Influence of an American Original
In Praise of A Riveting New Biography on Howard Cosell
James Campion

Howard Cosell became in many ways a touchstone; he was no ex-jock, hardly a handsome television prop, and there was something emancipating about his brashly opinionated and wholly pathological style
Divergent by Veronica Roth

Sam North

Here is another tough girl living in a dystopian world divided into rival factions - forced to make a choice between which faction to join at sixteen
Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects, 2nd edition by Dmitry Orlov,
Charlie Dickinson
Reinventing Collapse by Dmitry Orlov is a welcome addition to "doomer" literature about societal collapse. Imagine NPR's Andrei Codrescu introducing a dystopian future and working the laughs. That's some sense of what's in store when you read Orlov's upbeat narrative with its engaging black humor
The Adventures of Tin-Tin

The Secret of the Unicorn
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig
'a slick, machine polished rollercoaster of a movie'
IQ84 by Haruki Murakami
Books 1-3

It is always a pleasure to discover a new Murakami novel.  Having recently seen Norwegian Wood (the movie) I was reminded of the pleasure of reading his work and how he weaves so many simple inconsequential things into a complex read. 

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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