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The International Writers Magazine: Young Stories

Talk To The Hand, by Nicole Dryburgh.
ISBN: 978-0-340-99697-3.
Hodder Children’s Book.
Bella Osborne
The second novel by ‘Britain’s Most Inspiring Fundraiser’, intimately unravels its way through the traumatic processes, and painful relapses its headstrong author Nicole Dryburgh has been through over the last nine years, including her spiral into blindness and rapid loss of hearing, her endless operations, injections, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


Filled with funny personal anecdotes from her post-chemo ‘caterpillar eyebrows’ and her travelling dogs to her love for Prince Harry, (who she gets to meet after her fundraising successes). Young patients as well as other readers will enjoy her optimistic side and by using her uplifting tips on how to stay sane and survive what no one should have to, will understand how to find their own. 

The book shows harshly and honestly, the realities of cancer and shows young readers what to expect if they, or someone they know, has been diagnosed and exactly how to hold it together, persevere and fundamentally, remain positive throughout.

The book ends by illustrating the Deafblind Manual Alphabet, and wisely encourages everyone to learn to Talk to the Hand, for as Nicole realised, it was far easier for her to relearn it for a second time when she actually needed it, after learning it the first time for fun when she was a ‘normal’ child.

This is a wonderful book filled with unique and insightful moments that remind us all how to be brave and surpass our boundaries.

© Bella Osborne Feb 2010
Bella is studying for her degree in Creative Writing

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