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The International Writers Magazine: India

Ethics in “Modern” society
• Schubi S
It is said that do whatever you want to do but be honest. Be honest in doing your work; be honest in every single thing that takes place around you. We know that work is done for serving the institution. Is it? Really? Nope, we often forget this, we work to serve ourselves. We work to fulfill our greed (and needs).

against corruption

Politics is considered to be a wise man’s work. Only those who are wise enough are fit for the job and also who dare to take any sort of risk. If a person says I want to join politics the very first reaction he would get is that 'paisa to bohot hai' but why do you want to dirty your hands? Do something good and settle down yaar.

This is what we get call an advice. Is this really something called a good advice? I don’t know, maybe people consider it a bad game of fate and money, but politics is not shit.

Bureaucrats have made it a business which they do for their personal profit motive. Recently a lot of things have happened in our country of India and do we seem to care enough for any one of those scandals?

We are taught to be ethical in our every decision and every work. Where do ethics lie in politics? Count on a few big names in politics and you will come to know how ethical our honorable ministers are. Leave aside the fact that ministers are corrupt. They are meant to be corrupt! What do you say about the law and law makers? Aren’t they supposed to be fair enough to make judgments? A lie told for something good is ethical, but a lie told for supporting bad is unethical. Yeah, we all know this, but who exactly follows it? If we look at the judgments made by courts of India we will start doubting our legislation; I do not say all of them, but most of them.

Well, there is enough to be said on the law system of India but we cannot change it, or can we? Nobody has a potent answer to this question. We do not willingly do something which is questionable. Unconsciously sometimes things tend to happen and that creates a fuss. People do wait for some masala all the time. Whatever happens in the society we prefer to close our eyes, ear, seal our mouths and quietly move on; is this ethical to see others suffering and stay quiet? Absolutely not. But who really cares, in this cruel society. We all are inhuman breeds and we continue to stay like this. Paradoxical…!!

© Schubi S

Buying India: A solution for our times
Shubhi S

We do not favor Indian products and go for imported goods. Why do we let our money flow outside country?

Feb 2014

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