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The International Writers Magazine - Our Tenth Year: Economics and Exploitation

Anomaly Jones

The economic recession has hit me right in the groin, and if my failed attempts at employment continue, I stand to get hit in the groin over and over again. After a long trip abroad, I returned home to a place I hardly knew. One of my friends had his car repossessed, another went bankrupt and still more were leaving the city with a sack on a stick to find work elsewhere. Having been unemployed while doing volunteer work in Senegal for the past four months, I realized I was screwed for work just like everyone else.

Everybody talks about poor developing countries and unfortunates who are forced into horrid working conditions just to put food in their bellies in these "third world" countries. Well let me tell you something; I had more employment offers in Africa than I do here in our cozy western world.

Of course my situation doesn’t compare to eeking an existence in the slums of India or losing my family to genocide in Sudan, but life here ain’t easy, and I have bills to pay like everyone else.

After dropping resumes at jobs in every industry that came to mind and receiving no responses from anyone looking to hire, selling my body sprung into my head as a potentially good option.

What the hell is this world coming to when us "developed" folks, with all our freedoms and securities, start believing that the only way to get our bank accounts out of the red is to whore themselves out until times are more fruitful?

Now, nothing against these professions: I appreciate the art of using sex for money. After all, if I had a dollar for every time I should have charged… But the point is, I’m not considering prostitution because I like the idea of it. I don’t need the extra cash for a Coach purse or a heroin fix. I’m a student and a fucking volunteer worker. I need money to survive in a world where money has become the very essence of life.

With serious consideration, I began to scour Craigslist for escort opportunities and stripper gigs. What I found didn’t shock me, but I read it in incredulity. More and more women were soliciting their bodies and souls in order to pay tuition, rent and grocery bills. One young woman posted an ad explaining her dire money situation and her need for some quick cash to pay for moving costs to her new apartment. For the right price she said she would go all the way.

More and more men are taking advantage of the situation too. Ads soliciting young, petite, broke-ass girls for everything from threesomes and creampies to topless masseuses and private home videos referred to tough financial times as a reason to jump on the ho-train.

Now, I know it could be worse. I could be raped. But seriously, isn’t forced prostitution some form of rape? In this case we are being raped by our own economy, and as the rich somehow still get richer, the poor get whorier.

Gotta go strap on my pumps. I wonder how this will look on my resume when the financial market bounces back.

© Anomaly Jones

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