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The International Writers Magazine: Reality Check

In Praise of Freedom of Speech (Again)
• James Campion
Ignoring the glaring hypocrisy of the ruling this week, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the First Amendment by striking down a 2007 Massachusetts law that created a 35-foot buffer zone around family planning centers.


Of course it is ridiculous to have any such “boundary” stopping those who wish to express their support or most likely derision of potential abortions, although I have been known to cheer on those who aim to cease the dangerously high levels of population that will soon cripple the ecological and economic foundations of civilization. It’s a tough gig, cheering for abortions.

Quick aside: Having heard the vilest things uttered by marginally intelligent and I assumed sentient beings there, I take it as a matter of pride that I reached a level they would not broach.

The hypocrisy comes when you consider that protests outside the Supreme Court are not only prohibited, but the buffer zone is a hell of lot wider than 35 feet. Throwing rocks is possible, but you are likely to see serious jail time for that. No one really can defend throwing a rock at the Supreme Court building, even if it is to curtail the over-population of our doomed planet.

Lord knows, and I believe strongly I am supported by the Creator God, whose main purpose, it seems, in the Torah is genocide, I do not deny abortion is a form of murder. It is. But is necessary killing, like bombing the Middle East or allowing crazies to buy any gun they want. I support all the Amendments, and with it the Second Amendment, no matter how many people are massacred daily. Abortion, school shootings, economic wars, these are mere collateral damage for being free. Freedom of choice – the American Dream – to maim, kill or even yell things at teenagers raped by their uncle when they want to flush the after affects.

Quick aside: According to the New Testament, mostly the Gospel of John, God aborted his son in the 99th trimester. Just saying.

And so, I fully support this ruling. Shit, in this county, and I am loathe to mention which county, because when this damaged sucker hits the presses I would like to keep my whereabouts hidden, I know first-hand that it is difficult to get at patrons entering buildings by either chanting obscene accusatory nonsense or merely trying to quietly council them on the ways they have gone astray.

To wit: Three years ago on a hot summer day, not unlike the one that has come the lazy afternoon I thrash this together, I decided to camp out in front of a Catholic Church not far from my residence, and calmly explain to the perhaps unknowing parishioners that by attending this establishment, they were inadvertently, but without equivocation, supporting institutionalized pedophilia. I handed out pamphlets that described in detail many of the hundreds of cases brought against the church for the continued and heinous sexual abuse of minors by priest and nuns, which the church not only failed to admonish for a century-plus or God-forefend, police, but openly sanctioned and defended.

I was asked to leave the premises, but thought at the time it might be within my constitutional rights to take my good time and whatever tattered mess is left of my good name, and attempt to save innocent children from further Catholic-sanctioned rapes. Glad to know that I can return to that dark place and try and spread the good word again someday.
Quick aside: I did not hear anyone chanting support of child rape. Just saying.

I also recall a time in the late 1980s' when I joined a couple of other wise-asses to make an attempt to explain to those poor souls who thought it might be a good idea to join the U.S. Army that they should consider the abysmal record of this country to avoid mindless conflicts in which young men and now women are cut down or mutilated for meager pay and some bullshit concept like honor, as if to gain it, you must wear matching clothes and become fodder for the banking set. Yes, there were police involved that day, my friends. Apparently, that “buffer zone” needed no law, but was, as we now know (as if we needed a ruling on that) unconstitutional.

Before we leave this celebration of freedom of speech – and lest anyone think this is a veiled satire to berate the ruling, please do not, I stand by the above – I would be remiss in mentioning the hunting and/or bait and tackle establishments my wife once stalked warning those sauntering inside that blood would soon be on their hands. Now I am no Vegan or animal activist, and although I personally find hunting to be an insipidly barbaric activity practiced by sexually-threatened narcissists with mommy issues, I support hunters’ rights. And as much I love my wife, I think protesting anything is asinine and mostly solipsistic, and that one should understand that “killing for sport” is still killing, and the Genocide God is quite specific about that in His commandments, and, well…I’m just saying.

And isn't that the crux of this unanimous ruling by the highest court in our land, a country built on laws and reason, not to mention land grabs, free labor and genocide. Rooting for or railing against abortions is all part of our national pride. I feel it. You feel it?

So, anyway, now I have to go tell the poor bastard with the “Impeach Obama” sign at the end of the road that he doesn't get a new government, he gets Joe Biden.

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