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Game Night on the Río Manzanares
Toni Pecchia

I can hear it. At first it scares me a little, because it’s an incredibly primal, torrential sound triumphing over the usual sounds of a big city.
Daytrip to Saskatoon
Habeeb and Muna Salloum

Welcome to Saskatoon the ‘Paris of the prairies'

Thrust and Struggle: Copenhagen
Colin Todhunter

The Vesterbro area of the city may play host to prostitution and illicit drug selling, but it is also an up and coming residential location. A place on the rise
It Began in Zanzibar
Jackie Brinkman

I decided it was time to get out of my comfort zone and see something of the world beyond Denver
Discover Manila - A City full of Suprises - Sean Lee
Manila is changing and welcoming visitors from across the globe
A Panamanian Experience
Norman Wolfer

Every country seems to have wonderful things to offer along with the idiosyncrasies that take away from paradise.  Panama is no exception. 
The Paua and the Glory
John M. Edwards

New Zealand’s Prized Sea Snails

Murder on a Bridge
James Skinner in Spain

We begin with a violent political murder of Isabel Carrasco that took place in the City of Leon. It shook the nation
VA Scandal:Our Legacy, Our Sin
James Campion

... there have been revelations of egregious treatment of veterans by our system + Readers Responses
Rwanda & Burundi:
Twins in Central Africa
Fergus Simpson

Over the last two decades, these twins of Central Africa have begun to go their separate ways...
When to Use the ‘G’ Word
Fergus Simpson

In the Central African Republic (CAR), a society long depressed in poverty... is convulsing: belching out chunks of unprocessed sectarian hate.
A future wrecked by divorce
Odimegwu Onwumere

Tom was 4 years old when his parents were divorced in 2012. Ugo did not go to school in the following year due to the degenerating home situation

Viet Nam
Fred C. Wilson III

Ho Chi Minh City, like Manila on the other side of the South China Sea, is a ‘young’ city; a city of ‘20 Somethings.’

Last Call for Mercy
Michael Britton

Hsuen frightens me. I guess it is the way she takes care of the rat problem in the Step Down Guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur.
Quinn, Denise & Casey Kasem
G. David Schwartz

Things go in threes
Open Letter to My Wife 111
James Campion

In Which We Discover Your True Grit After 15 Years Married To The Author
Kundadri Hill
Shubhi S

It has been said that “to witness best of the scenes one has to have the zest and the zeal to travel outstation”.
Wrestling for San Da
Antonio Graceffo

It’s no secret that MMA in the US is dominated by former wrestlers. In China, MMA is dominated by san da fighters
The Thievery of an Alchoholic
Roy Valenzuela

What a complicated perusal into the maleficence of A “DRUNK”…. One need not serve in office to deceive and steal

Donating Plasma in Kentucky
Lawrence Hamilon

Giving plasma, to me, is as Kentuckian as watching rednecks wave the flag, eating junk food and hating on Democrats

REVIEWS Film & Books
Moving Hay
(*extract from The Heaviness)
Sam Hawksmoor
The time of the great experiment had arrived.  Genie really didn’t think that Marshall was going to get Chris’ theories to work... but it at least it made him happy.  Happiness was a new experience for her; it seemed to vanish like mist when you least expected it.
The Neighbour
Jude C Perera

It was hot and humid, the usual sea breeze was playing truant. Cecil shivered violently and downed his fourth glass of water on the trot.
I'll Go On
Oswaldo Jimenez

Darlene preferred to walk on Central park, around the periphery of the reservoir, on days when the weather was difficult, thorny, icebound.

Assia Wevill

Abigail George
More killing. It is a mystery. Love is like that. Pure with all of its rituals it holds us in a death-grip and I warm to it, my heart warms to it, warms to you Ted
Never too old to Kiss
Martin Green

The retirement community I live in advertises that it’s for active seniors.  At Christmas, there are a lot of parties...
Double Vision
Bruce Harris

I will probably shortly be wafting away over the countryside with my state-of-the-art camera deservedly stuck in my big mouth

Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo - The stunning final book in The Grisha Trilogy
Edge movie
Edge of Tomorrow
Sam North review

Fast paced - adrenaline packed sci-fi with best performance from Tom Cruise in years
Hands Over The City
Dean Borok

Francesco Rosi’s scathing depiction of municipal corruption in 1960’s Naples

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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