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••• The International Writers Magazine - Our 20th Year: US Politics

Joined at the Hip
• Barry Burgess
The Theft of our Constitution


Buddy, our boy can become president of the U.S.A. and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putin’s team to buy in on this. I will manage the process.
Felix Sater to Michael Cohen, 11/03/15, (the Mueller Report, Volume 1, page 71)

The purported Russian interference in America’s election of 2016 is not an aberration. The Russian government, by Vlad, has made an innocent and honest investment in helping Make America Great Again. His wish is to connect our Russian and American Oligarchs together so we might be ‘joined at the hip’, and take on the world (after all, megalomania occurs on both sides). When he had taken over the final stage of communism, Putin understood that “We will bury you” was an utter failure, but was fortunate that Gorbachov had already let loose the hounds of capitalism and turned it all over to the Russian underground. That was the eighties and nineties (keep in mind, Reagan and a compliant congress didn’t win it, it was given to him only after billions in unnecessary military spending). This was a most opportune period in Russian history and Vlad understood a new government could easily be installed by himself and a black marketed cabal of associates with capitalist underpinnings and former KGB, like himself, and the newly riche Oligarchs could easily tame and lead the new hegemony. Putin’s mark has always been destruction if not dominance of American politics and/or western currency as history provides. His investment in America has been called an interference, an insurgency, or insurrection —perhaps traitorous implications, but that point is moot. While the 20 plus odd democrats charge the stage for a new era of American politics in 2020 the lonely republican ticket this fall with Vlad and Don, like Beavis and Butthead, will demand the new republic be: ‘Joined at the Hip’ and a new international republic will begin, after all, they believe they own it and inherited it.

Owners of the American media (would-be journalists) Oligarchs play out every day the political theater of Constitutional Crisis. The politicians and pundits of every creed await backstage to stake claims to the last vestige of American Democracy. The majority party for over forty years has indicated they are interested not in saving democracy, rather, they are willing to take it apart; and, betting on its demise, believe they will collect their fortunes as the ship slowly goes down. The thousands of corporate lobbyists know the procedure, they created and initiated it through a congress willing to take their money and allow them to make the rules. The rubes, schlemiels, you and me, have a lot to say, but little to gain because the systemic erosion of American democratic morals and principles monetized by corporate interests and an ordained media of the last forty years has rendered democratic ideals either dangerous or neutral and banal. Marshall McLuhan warned us: “the media is the message” he said, and George Orwell deigned a dystopian outlook for our future stating: “who controls the past controls the future —who controls the future controls the past”. Witness the regressive stats on trade, energy, wages, education, the social contracts, all of it. The corporatocracy controls media therefore, the past and the future, but the populace has been excluded. We have been given Reaganomics, 6 trillion dollar illegal wars, the Bush Tax cuts, the Trump Tax cuts, and a divided body politic. Nearly forty percent of the minority of the population hammer the sky with fists of glory and solidarity for the self-proclaimed emperor (also betrothed by media and naked greed with over 100 million American tax dollars on golf) while the sixty percent majority nod slowly in compliance and witness the fall of empire like it’s an episode of the Game of Thrones.

It is said the Roman Empire collapsed under legions of northern barbaric hordes, but in our case —no flaming swords. And the lies are all part of the spectacle directed for us by whomever can produce the most egregious comments and sound bites. All in realtime to the luxury of our own living rooms. We’ll never see a revolution in this country, because the revolution will not be televised. All this beckons a fate toward an International Order, controlled and directed by the ‘joining at the hips’ or multinationals whose money can purchase the promise of power, but can occur only with capitalism deregulated and a democracy in collapse. Not to worry, there are currently at least eight dictators in the world, a ninth is in the making in our own country, bought and paid for by us, and the money will sit in foreign banks sheltered and undisturbed until the rabble awakens to take up their swords and threaten the dragons of commerce and commodity. Yet, the majority is at least aware and trying to challenge the hollow worship of money in government and to reestablish morals and principles, but they keep changing the rules for themeselves.

The legality or illegality of an investment by a foreign government in a candidate to the throne of the American government is yet to be tested. Should the validity of ownership of the American throne be contested, his or her team of defense lawyers will be pleased to know they will be protected by: Citizen’s United, “The United States Supreme Court decision on January 21, 2010, held the free speech clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the government from restricting independent expenditures for communications by nonprofit corporations, for-profit corporations, labor unions, and other associations." Essentially, ladies and gentlemen, the Supreme Court’s decision established equal rights and status of corporations to that of the free speech of human beings —(note, foreign or domestic, was that what you bought into Vlad?). Unfortunately, laws now restrict our ability to sue for grievance. The corporate elite claim free speech and we become commodities like so many serfs. At this point our executive branch —despotic, and a judicial, and legislative branch neutered and interchangeably unequal, our country can be seen as that of a medieval kingdom.

In our contemporary time one might see the meddling in the affairs of our democracy likened to multinational corporations seeking a hostile takeover, or a leveraged buyout. “America the Beautiful”, is made great again as, “America the Brand” (with, of course, taxpayer monies). Beavis and Butthead joined at the hip will make the rules and we, the minor shareholders, can be Replaced, Fired, Deported, or simply Damned or Killed, (see: suicide by cop, being black at the wrong time, or schoolroom massacre, by bankruptcy, and/or lack of medical insurance, and any sundry other means that lacks oversight by our leaders… without “In order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish…”.

History suggests that revolution is bandied about when the populations of otherwise free nations have no recourse, but to tear it all down and build it again —hence the revolutions: American, Russian, Cuban, French… The French seem to have them quite regularly and have little tolerance for autocracy. But then there was Napoleon…or? And in our own times:

“Henceforth, there will be only one honorable choice: to wager everything on the belief that in the end, words will prove stronger than bullets,” noted Albert Camus in the French ‘Resistance’ a widely read newspaper at the end of the second world war. France was talking about a revolution when Camus declared: “What we need today is to not speak the language of the heart but simply to think clearly. Ideally, a revolution is a change of political and economic institutions intended to increase freedom and justice in the world…at any rate we can no longer be solitary revolutionaries…Hence the only revolution we can talk about is an international one.” Camus feared a seizure of world power by either the Americans or Russians, whom gathered the spoils of a defeated Europe, Japan, and happily inherited the earth, notwithstanding nuclear potential and world destruction (nuclear winter…you mean we don’t have global warming to fear?).

When or if the ship goes down, perhaps we will see in our lifetime an International World Governing Body. A sovereignty owned, governed, and directed by a political body of Oligarchs ruling the world (we may already be there). I am reminded of a passage by Oliver Bullough, in his current book: Moneyland: The Shadow World of the Super Rich, writing about tax havens and oversea shell companies:

“Where money flows across frontiers, but laws do not… Meanwhile, governments will continue to be starved of revenue, global inequality will grow, economies will be destabilized and struggling voters will blame everyone —poor immigrants, liberal elites —except those actually responsible for creating the destructive ‘off-shore’ world.”

The ‘off-shore world’ is the haven of the new world order. Those whom own it will huddle together at the golden table in some autocratic state to discuss how to trample down the next serfdom poised for revolution. Because, the only fear they have is “us”. And we lack, not merely power, but access. Their existential threat seems to be thriving. Even if there is a revolution —it will not be televised. I am reminded of an emotional scene in the movie, “The Untouchables”,

Sean Connery, an honest ‘beat’ cop in Chicago, lay bloodied and dying on the floor of his kitchen stabbed by one of Al Capone’s thugs. He gurgles his final breath in exasperation, yelling at Kevin Costner as Elliott Ness: “WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO?”

So, where is our honest cop and our Elliott Ness? They did take down Alphonse Capone not merely for murder, bootlegging, and degenerate mayhem, rather, for the lofty reason of Tax Evasion. Any parallels here?

© Barry Burgess May 23rd 2019
insitenw at

Sources:> decision on January 21, 2010, held the free speech> clause of the First Amendment> to the Constitution prohibits the government from restricting independent expenditures> for communications by nonprofit corporations>, for-profit corporations>, labor unions>, and other associations>." Essentially, ladies ...

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