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The International Writers Magazine: India

Indian Economics
• Shubhi S.
Ever since the battle of 2014 started there has been a hustle about the changes which are obvious for the country itself. The government at centre is certainly worried and has already started its campaigning in full mode.

Women in India

No matter who forms the government at the centre they will undergo a lot of pressure to rectify and bring about changes in the present economic state of the country. There are certain, obvious challenges that will face the new government. First and foremost the government will have to ensure a stable economic growth for the country. There is a need to have a sustainable and inclusive growth for an economy to function in an efficient mode. It is important to have a system free from discrimination from castes, gender and regions, it is evident that a lot of disturbance is going on in some of the states and the issues of making different states out of one is also catching up heat and all this is happening in the name of communism. A lot more policies on safety and social security are needed for females in order to achieve complete inclusive growth.

If we take a look in the capital itself cases of female attacks have been increasing in past few years.
There have been problems related to unequal distribution of food in the country. We witness a large number of children who are malnourished and suffer from severe diseases due to that. Evenly distribution of food, drinkable clean water and income can be one of the major challenges that will come across.

There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread” Mahatma Gandhi

As the food security bill was brought into the law last year there were many critical comments made by few of our politicians and since the bill was passed in September 2013, it was assumed that it is moreover a bill for the vote and not to feed the poor and hungry people.

Another important challenge that will come before the government will be combating inflation. Keeping in mind the 2014 elections inflation is kept as the top most priority by the political leaders and policy makers for now. In recent past few years’ consumer prices have considerably increased and households have to pay more amount. Last year the inflation rate was 10.92 per cent which is assumed to increase to 13 percent and as for the new government and the Reserve Bank of India it is extremely important to review the monetary policy reforms.

As stated by McKinsey & company “It took India nearly 40 years (between 1971 and 2008) for the urban population to rise by nearly 230 million. It will take only half the time to add the next 250 million.”
By the estimates of McKinsey & company, India has a rapid rate of increasing urban population and that for sure will drive the economic growth of the country. Due to unprecedented rate of urbanization around 72 percent new jobs will be created by cities till 2030. Urbanization will definitely create inequality and will lead to urban poverty.

The government needs to have revised schemes and policies that the country in the future is going to face. There will be a need of strong policy measures that the government could take to deal with its faceoff with these challenges.
© Shubhi S April 2014
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