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Derelict Dhows - Mandvi, India
Michael Britton

Barmer, a three hour local bus ride south of Jaisalmar, is the starting point of a painting journey around the Western rim of India's Gujarat State bordering the Arabian Sea.
Thai Street Food

John M. Edwards

As someone used to eating Thai food in New York City...I was blown away when I tasted real Siamese fare
Indian Twister
Evan Denno

To fit twenty-one people (including two small children and a baby) into one Range Rover knock off, first forget about seating; it's about volume.
Fred C Wilson 111

I’ve studied up on Bali; it’s all good. The scenery, indigenous art galleries, Hindu temples laden with ancient artifacts, the spicy foods, exotic markets and the wonderful folks who make up this beautiful place

Crimea: The Russian Problem
James Cameron

Take a moment and thank your preferred deity or talisman that John McCain didn’t become president in 2008. Regardless of what you think of this current model, McCain is certifiably insane with aggression
My Friend - The Next Governor of New York?
James Campion
+ Readers Responses
Rob Astorino has managed to succeed at the impossible ...
State of the Union
James Skinner on Spain

It will be a test for the present government to see which way the political ideological wind is blowing and how the majority of Spaniards feel about all the hardship that they are still enduring
Nigeria at 100: Let’s Take This Country Where It Needs To Go -
Prince Tonye Princewill

Looking around our country, it is not hard to focus first on the differences between us and dwell on the numerous negatives of today. Easy to miss the positives and overlook our strengths.

‘Ou est Baudelaire?’
Joe Swain

At about the age of 14, I decided to become French.
I left my heart-shaped box in San Francisco
John M. Edwards

For a city known for its liberal viewpoint and gay lifestyle, its earthquakes and trollycars, this epiphanic epicenter is all about desire and longing
Dani Girl
Roy Valenzuela

When scrolling through the many faces of the google plus community, I mainly ignored all until I was slightly hooked and just had to take a look...
Foreign Education in China
Antonio Graceffo

With tuition fees for foreign students of $38,000 or more per year, education in the US is way out of reach for the average Chinese family. The solution that China has found is to move the foreign education to China.
The Henry Doorly Zoo
Marianne de Nazareth

Two warm days in the middle of winter in Omaha? So off we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo, the best zoo in the world...

REVIEWS Film & Books

Gotham Mamik

‘Pineapple!’ Of all the eccentricities I have had to get used to in this new country, this is probably the most vivid: A crazy man sitting next to me in a coffee shop, suddenly shouting out ‘Pineapple’
The Lady from San Diego
Martin Green

The phone rang. I was having my morning coffee.  I picked it up and growled a hello.  “My, my, Arnold, you sound so grouchy.  I bet you haven’t had your coffee yet.”
Zapateado - Chapter Two
The Bottom of the Ninth
Sam North

Leonard woke to find Jan gone.  This was a new development.  It was the tree. She was paying him back for the bloody tree.  He thought she must have been damn quiet about it...

Female Nude
Abigail George
They ate fried chicken on Monday but on Friday he liked a steak with his hot tea and chips. This was before I came along screaming blue in the face.
The Cage
Oswaldo Jimenez

One bite. That’s all she thought she needed to satisfy her hunger. One bite of the funnel cake. No more than that. There was no need for more. A single bit of food would have satiated her starving stomach
In Memoriam
Oswaldo Jimenez

The old gentleman didn’t just sit on the well worn, distressed leather club chair, he was part of it. His body blended into the nothingness of the chair.

How I Accidentally Started The Sixties by Howard Bloom
Dan Schneider review

If one has ever read the poetry of Eugene O’Neill or Tennessee Williams then one is familiar with writers who are good in one form of writing, but mediocre, bad in another.
Silmido (South Korea 2002)
Director: Woo-Suk Kang
Dean Borok

Like repels like. Positive charges reject each other. No finer example of this rule exists than the Korean peninsula, which has been engaged in a vicious civil war for over six decades.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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