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The International Writer's Magazine - January 2005 - Welcome

Hackwriters '05

Going South

Colin Todhunter in India

Finding Shanghai
Melissa Lee explores
Kevin Patterson angers gods

Kevin Patterson in Syria
Jody White under curfew

Chile Diary No. 10
Dermot goes North & South

Paris & Pain
Beverly Aarons needs help
Ribbons of Highway
Minnesota - Lori Hein

Saving Mexico's Turtles
Matt Scott

In Bush We Trust
James Campion 01.29.05

Malpractice Lunacy
James Campion - Doctors who kill
+ Readers Letters

Micro Credit in action in Cambodia
Antonio Graceffo
Manifest Destiny Made Easy
James Campion

Entertainment or Education
Danielle Ward on Film
Charm Offensive
Rev Antonio Hernandez

Raising A Spark
James Skinner
in Spain
Modern Living
Life in Plastic
Amy Dunmall on 'Barbie'
Kultural Icon

The Hell of a UK Hospital
Kat Roberts

Zimbabwe in Freefall
Matt Brown
Capturing the Friedmans
Dan Schneider on family life
In the Absence of originality
Alex Segal wonders if the musical will survive
Comment plus...
Zelda the Witch
Martin Green on office politics
I am Godfree
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra consults the oracle

Worth a Hug
John Gorman

"Is your mother or father home," Linus asked
Growing Roots as a writer
Kat Roberts

First Speech
Sam Barnes learns to talk
Stubblefield's Joke
Dan McClenaghan takes a ride

Spam - Curse of...
James Skinner

Celebrity Kulture
Rowena Betts

Allure of the Magic Kingdom
Gemma Ayres

Whose Life is It Anyway?
Josh Lineberry on ethics

A Moment of Weakness
Erid D Lehman climbs Old Smokey

The NFL stinks
James Campion
gets mad
Told You So
James Skinner on Iraq

Faded Seaside Glamour
The Delays
Clare Sager Review
Love Angel Music Baby
Gwen Stefani
Clare Sager Review
Last Night of a Damned Soul
by Slimane Benaissa
A Charlie Dickinson review
How I became Stupid
by Martin Page
A Charlie Dickinson review
I am Legend by Richard Matheson
Dan Schnieder review
Mayor of Sunset Strip - DVD
Dan Schneider on Rodney Bingenheimer
Exporting America by Lou Dobbs
Phil Mershon
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