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Another Place To Die

by Sam North

The Next Great Flu Pandemic is coming.
Are you prepared?

'It will keep readers in suspense, laced with gritty-gallows humor'
Charlie Dickinson

'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, Another Place to Die will terrify you, thrill you, and make you petrified of anyone who comes near you...'.
Roxy Williams -

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Another Place To Die

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Welcome - The International Writers Magazine - Summer 2008
writing from across the globe.

Just returned from the Winchester Writers’ Conference run by Barbara Large MBE, where I was a speaker (on young adult fiction). It’s pretty scary to see so many writer’s gathered in one place, 400 delegates in fact, from all over the world and at least 60 professional writers, editors, agents and educators in attendance running workshops, classes, giving speeches and revealing tricks of the trade.

Colin Dexter (Inspector Morse novels) gave us all a lesson in spelling and Graham Hurley (the dinner speaker) one in crime writing. In between you had the likes of writers Peter Gutteridge, Beverley Birch, and Judy Waite as well as literary agent Lorella Belli giving one to ones. On the Saturday all of us, around 30 professionals werein this big hall going through something akin to speed dating. 15 minutes per writer, only none of us got laid.

Why are the writers there? To find out if their ideas and manuscripts are any good, or how to sell them or what’s wrong with them. It’s tough being face to face with someone who may not have the talent they think they have but absolutely great when you can also see the potential and you can steer them to the right person or at least encourage them to finish their book.

One thing that is apparent is that the average age is quite high. It should be younger, but perhaps young writers cannot afford it. But if more younger writers came to this event in the UK sat in the speakers classes, joined the many workshops and had to pitch their ideas and exchange readings it would be a very useful thing for them to do. Of course, it helps if you have talent and it’s no use getting cross with the professionals because they are rejecting your material. Sometimes one has it, sometimes not. It's true for all writers, me included, everything can be improved. Here you will get useful and honest critical comment as well as support.

Market conditions are tough, ask any bookseller. Your idea or book has to really be damn good now to get any attention and the necessary investment to make it a success.

What are publisher’s looking for? Good original, well presented, perfectly spelled, sharp, witty, intelligent writing by a writer who is prepared to promote it, blog it, push it (without offending people in the process). Shy retiring types to the back of the queue please, even if your work is half-way brilliant. If you can’t shout about it, who else will?

Of course there may be limits. One young woman in my session was upset a publisher didn't seem to like her children's book on cannibals. Well, eating your neighbours might just be the kind of taboo still to be broken, especially in kids books. For the record I suggested it could be a comedy rather than dining on eyeballs for Christmas, but hey, maybe someone out there will take to it and make her rich. That's the publishing business, it all comes down to people and tastes (rather than tasting people).

I met remarkable people with genuine ambition in Winchester, some with real talent and some, I sincerely believe, got some help with how to focus their work and took heart from it all.

If you have a book that will be ready to show by next June and don’t have an agent or publisher, think about the Winchester conference as a place to connect with one. They are much more likely to buy something from someone they know than a stranger. That’s what they tell me anyway.
I guess I’ll see you there in 2010.

Missed me? Didn’t come to my talk? Hell buy one of my books. They are good beach reading.

It's summer they say. This is the month we make our escape. So there will be no updates after next weeks get away. We have writing to do. Actually I have to come up with a new title for my new book and that, as any writer will tell you is harder than writing the whole thing! I shall sit on the beach in France and contemplate.
I hope you, dear reader will also contemplate, write, get out there in the sun and generally have some fun, despite all the bad news and cost of gas and diesel. Luckily no one owns the fresh air - yet...

Sam North: Editor July 1st 2008

Welcome to the Summer Edition of Hackwriters. If you want to help us keep going, buy my new book Mean Tide. You don’t have to read it, give to a friend. I guarantee they’ll love it. Meanwhile ...look below

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Age range 12-16 and adult
Another Place To Die
by Sam North

ISBN: 978-1-84753-899-4
The Great Flu Pandemic is coming. Are you prepared?
'It will keep readers in suspense, laced with gritty-gallows humor'
Charlie Dickinson
'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, Another Place to Die will terrify you, thrill you, and make you petrified of anyone who comes near you...'.
Roxy Williams -
Fascinating, frightening and compelling, Another Place to Die is the ultimate page-turner which I guarantee will result in many late nights under the bedside light with you uttering, ‘just one more chapter!!’ Ian Middleton
Read the first chapter on line
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Another Place To Die

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