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Welcome - The International Writers Magazine - Editorial 2011
Welcome to the July edition of Hackwriters.

*Congrats for former Hacks writer Victor Manley whose play 'Rathmore's Whippet' was on in London last weekend and good luck to it in Edinburgh at the Festival.

Events in Norway this weekend were shocking - anyone who ever read a recent Scandanavian Crime Novel would not be surprised however as the the crime writers there have been saying for a long while that the virus of fascism is still alive and well and thriving. From Girl with a Dragon Tattoo to The Snowman by Jo Nesbo - the undercurrents are all there. It is horrifying to think of those kids all gone because ofthe ravings of a man obessed. We all grieve for Norway.

Dizzying 26 days since I was back from Canada. Believe I may have finally found a 200 year old house to buy in the wilds of Lincolnshire. Offer accepted, but I have found that many a thing can go wrong between an offer accepted and actually trying to move in. A record breaking 7 months have passed since my own house sold and still no completion date from the buyer. I hate this uncertainty. This seems to be the norm in house buying and selling now.

The UK is in the throes of convulsions with the Murdoch press. Hubris tastes vile I guess and methinks the journalists protest too much. They have had so much power for so long in choosing who will govern us and who will pay the most bribes to them (the police it seems have profited too from selling salacious details to them) the thought of losing that power must frighten them. Who knows what will happen? If it brings Labour back to power we are all very much doomed to sink without trace as a nation. Might be worth moving to Uzbekistan instead.
I dread to think of what revenge Murdoch will take on the UK in the future. Our polititians crow now but just you wait...

*Meanwhile I am in the throes of editing the latest book before it goes out to publishers. I have notes from agent and first readers and now the real work on a novel is before me in trying to make it all function and logical. So thanks to first readers, Ella and Roxy (whose feedback I just collected today). I will attempt to please at least one of you, but sadly not all I guess.

Bumper issue of Hacks this month - from Vacation Destinations you never thought of, politics in Spain- to teaching children in Africa and arresting original fiction. It's all here. Read and enjoy and pass it on.
**Hackwriters exists to give a platform for emerging writers and a forum for our regulars. If you find something you like let the writer know and spread the word.
© Sam North July 14th
Author of 'Diamonds - The Rush of '72'
The Fantastic True story of the 1872 Diamond Rush in the USA

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Editor – Hackwriters.com

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