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Summer 2019

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Upstate New York
Ivan Maddog Noble

Some stretch of stone between Albany and Syracuse. Generations of forgotten old men lived in these timber palaces.
Big Horn
It Happened at Little Big Horn

Bonnie Devet
Time haunts the Little Big Horn. On top of Last Stand Hill ... sits an obelisk, the kind Victorians loved to raise during the 19th century in order to honor the dead.

Life Moon Issue
JULY 20, 1969
The Apollo 11 Moon Landing at 50

From a six year-old’s perspective, this whole concept is kind of out there. So much so, I stand for an inordinate amount of time in front of our front stoop looking up into the illuminated night sky the evening of July 19
+ Readers Responses 7.29.19
The Moral Low Ground
James Campion
Conditions at Our Southern Border & What It Says About Our Country - How do we, a nation so full of itself ... stand by and watch this happen?

Chasing Tedine

Caroline Greenblatt
There are two types of churches in Italy: the kind that have plastic, sham, charlatan candles, and the kind that have real, waxy candles with thick black wicks.
Simian Bonds
Dean Borok
(From our archives)
Excuse me for stating the obvious, but marriage is for idiots, OK? Modern romantic love was created as a showbusiness gimmick by French poets and troubadours

Power to the Jersey People
James Campion
Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Will Be on Us

REVIEWS Film & Books

The Enemy Swoops in
Sam Hawksmoor

There was no warning this time.  The enemy bomber swept in from the east flying low, spilling its deadly guts of cluster bombs onto the street market. Saska was running, heart in mouth, a hundred paces from the nearest underground shelter.  Cat, her precious Blue Lynx was ahead of her, ears back, nearly sick with panic. 
Mad and starving I watch the starry dynamo in the machinery of Night
What is revealed in my hormone soaked body that seems to constantly yearn, always yearning for something, sometimes uncontrollably

First Love, Paradise, Tenderness and Vertigo
Abigail George
I can’t stand your love affairs Jerome. Your one night stands, the booze talking, the gospel truths coming out of your mouth, and your orange or pineapple juice laced with vodka.
A Prince’s Wedding, a Young Man’s Birthday 7.11.19
Michael Chacko Daniels

On a sunny day of the coldest February in 70 years, I skirt around sidewalk poop—dogs’ and humans’—as I walk down Pine Street towards the post office.

The Wall
The Wall
by John Lanchester
ISBN: 978-0571298709
F&F publishers  2019
Sam Hawksmoor review

The Defenders are the only ones keeping the UK safe from outsiders who might steal their jobs or food or worse – breed.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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