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The International Writers Magazine: Young Fiction

Philippa Fisher and the Stone Fairy's Promise
by Liz Kessler
Publisher: Orion Childrens (3 Jun 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-1842559963

Ella Measey review


I think this is a very good book and the author is a very good writer.
First, Philippa is on her way to her friend’s house. They play on Robyn’s computer and see a star, so they click on it. They hear a crackling sound, then click on the mute button and they hear a humming sound. They look at the volume control and click on the star with a line through it; then they hear voices.

The voices are talking about a fairy called Daisy getting back to ATC (Above The Clouds). They hear a map reference for the portal: BZ 589245. Philippa finds a map that has BZ on it, and it turns out to be a stone circle near Robyn’s house. They go there, and find a lady talking on her phone. They see a stone that has writing on it; ‘Follow a fairy round the stones/Above the misty moors./ Call her name and catch her eye/And all her world is yours.’ So Philippa follows the lady round the stones, because she has an idea she knows who it might be; she calls out ‘Daisy!’ and it is her...

The best bit comes when Daisy and Philippa go through the portal to a place that is frozen in time to rescue the fairy that guards the stone circle; stolen from the tallest rock, by a boy called Tommy, when she was disguised as a piece of amber.

I’d recommend this book to all people who like fairies or adventures.
© Ella Measey (Age 10) 

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