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Another Place To Die
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The Essential Flu pandemic
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The Curse of the Nibelung -
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by Sam North

'Chocolate will never be the
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The International Writer's Magazine: Our Eleventh Year on-line- March Issue 2010 - Welcome
Travel stories & guides
Politics & Issues
Ways of living
Cuba Meets Classic
Nick Constance

We sailed 1,800 miles and made 7 ports-of-call, on the classy Sea Cloud II
Forgotten Philippines
Tom Coote

As darkness fell, we walked out into the water on concrete jetties covered in small, scuttling crabs.

An Afternoon in Antigua
Tyrel Nelson

Guatemalan delights and fevered brows
The Rann of Kutch
Anirudh Choaji

The more we explored this parched land, the more we were greeted with surprises.
David Russell
Eli was one of a kind, his unbounded chutzpah took us places we’d never find on our own
Madness in the Medina:
a week in Marrakech

Lisa Cordaro
If you want to get a decent night’s sleep, don’t visit a city with 500 mosques
Eat Your Vegetables
Amanda Callendrier on dining in Rome
I was sick of the guide book.  I never wanted to see the guide book again.  Screw the guide book
Las Vegas for Poor People
Tom Coote

Nobody tells you that visiting Las Vegas will make you fitter, but it does... you’re going to do a lot of walking
The Gateway to the Himalaya

Located in the foot hills of the Himalaya, this holy city was internationally made famous by The Beatles back in late sixties
The Puertos of Patagonia
Tim Robinson

In shades of grey rather than clear black and white - that is how many people imagine dolphins to appear

Generation F: Decoding the 21st Century
Rosanne Stewart

‘Cause people read status updates, not books’ ... this is a slogan for our generation.
Caution: Tuna Melts
Chef Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

Before you open that can of Tuna, take a little moment and think about what exactly you are putting into your body.
Developing an Island Infrastructure
Jules Kay
Infrastructure issues on popular tourist islands present an increasingly difficult challenge for those in charge of holiday destinations

Emasculation in the City
Dean Borok
Magpie belongs to the Sisterhood of the Cell Phone, a gang of vigilant females whose rallying cry is, “I’m gonna get the cops!

Education to End Poverty
‘Results – The power to end poverty’ is the UK based charity intent on changing western ignorance towards international poverty
Health Care USA
James Campion
A Half-Century of Fear, Morality, Lobbying, & Defeat Gets Its Vote
Agree, disagree, whoop it up or gnash your teeth, this is a big one. As far as presidents and history go, a really big one; politically, socially, and perhaps even indefinably
Save the P.I.G.S.
James Skinner - the Eurozone crisis
Never mind Greece, what of Spain?

One City - One Book - Dublin 2010
Chris Mills

When is a book group not a book group? When it’s a month in Dublin city
Birthday at the Shangri-la, Harbin China
Darren Skelton
Down at the ice-bar
The Cemetery Pales
James D Evans
discovers Brookwood
500 acres of oaks and ghosts in deepest Surrey
Summer with James Joyce
Frances Burke-Gaffney

Come to Dublin and study this summer
Danish Daydreams
Fredric Hamber

When I think of the Danish I think of mathematicians—and mermaids: twin strains of rationality and romanticism
Smart Travel Technology
Jules Kay
Travellers have long used the web as a guide when choosing a holiday destination, but recent additions to the technological landscape have made the world even smaller and more accessible 
Beautiful Bali
Marianne de Nazareth
goes shopping for bargains
The Moa Stalke
r Part One
John M Edwards

Bumbling into a Big Bird better than Popeye’s in a primary rainforest on a remote New Zealand isle, John M. Edwards raves, 'Don’t mess with dinner!'
More Tea, Mullah?
Steven Tizzard in Shiraz, Iran

Visitors soon realise that the only fanatical thing in Iran is the hospitality. The only thing you have to fear is repaying this hospitality one day
The Alternative Trans-Siberian Railway
Steven Tizzard
The lesser known  Baikalo-Amurskaya Magistral (or BAM) runs for 3400 km through beautifully bleak Siberian landscape
REVIEWS Film & Books
Chris Castle

The Day they demolished the school
The Stiff
Piotr Weslowski

The man’s features are not recognizable. His face, just like the rest of his body, is decomposed
Invasion of Privacy
Abigail George

The unknown is the greatest landscape in the world. Here nothing is unspeakable and extraordinary human endeavour is never sacrificed
Definite Colours
Tessa Foley

It's my wedding day. I'm dripping with glamour. I'm iced to the gills. I'm sucked in at the middle and powdered on the breast. My hair wouldn't move in a wind tunnel
Green Zone
Daniel Cann review

‘Bourne series’ Director Paul Greengrass and actor Matt Damon team up again this time in War film/ political thriller ‘Green Zone.’

Shutter Island - Directed by Martin Scorsese
Sam Faulkner review
Highly atmospheric thriller scores Leonardo another hit
The Spider Truces by Tom Connolly
Nina Aumaitre

A beautifully written first novel about life and shingle beaches
Youth in Revolt
Directed by Miquel Arteta
Sam Faulkner review
a fresh, fun, and most importantly funny 90 minutes.
It's not what you think by Chris Evans
Daniel Cann review

Evans talks frankly about his colleagues, his relationships and his ambitions.
In the Loop - Directed by A Ianucci
A Dan Crossen review

Raw real politics with a sharp bite
Generation Kill
Creators: David Simon, Ed Burns & Evan Wright - Dan Crossen review

Iraq war and the role of US soldiers based there brought in sharp brutal focus
City-Pick Dublin
edited by Heather Reyes,
Chris Mills

This is the latest publication in a new series of literary city travel guides. It is a wide ranging guide divided into themed sections including excerpts from fiction, memoir and travel writing.

The Clay Dreaming – Ed Hillyer
Publisher: Myriad Editions (8 April 2010)
Dr Dave Allen Review
An intriguing novel that centres upon the unexpected meeting in London in 1868 of a young woman, Sarah Larkin, and Bripumyarrinin, known as ‘King Cole’ – a native Australian a member of the touring Aborigine team.
CandleMan by Glen Dakin
Sam Hawksmoor review
Terrific gothic tale set in London's sewers
Princess for Hire by Lindsay Leavitt
Agnes Rae review

Princess wanted - must be able to travel
The Film Club by David Gilmour
Gabriela M Davies review

A father and Son build their relationship around film
Golden Leaf: A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor
Kilong Ung
A David Calleja
Remarkable story of Cambodian survivor who escaped to Portland, Oregon
Underlying Notes by Eva Pasco
Paul Valentine review

The most infuriating aspect of the novel though, is the writing
The Crazies - Directed by Breck Eisner
A Sam Faulkner review
Refreshing remake scrapes all the right nerves
The Late Great Bruce Chatwin:The Great Pretender
John M Edwards

Obsessed with nomads, he became one himself, ditching two successful careers, as Sotheby’s art expert and Sunday Times columnist, to roam the exotic edges of the literary wilderness
Mean Tide
Paul Valentine

A boy's adventure in a modern Dickensian setting

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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