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The Curse of the Nibelung -
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
by Sam North

'Chocolate will never be the
same again'
- Sunday Express
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The International Writer's Magazine: Our Eleventh Year - February 2010 - Welcome
Travel stories & guides
Politics & Issues
Ways of living
Alicia Hunt in Japan
When the doors open brace yourself...
An Oxnard Thursday
Ben Hill in California

I came for Point Mugu State Park, the five-mile stretch of raw land between Malibu and Oxnard where Pacific Coast Highway runs free
Vet Your Travel Agency
Prof G M Prabhu

Avoid getting ripped off on your way to India
Amanda Callendrier
Night Skiing in the Alps: First your need a frontal head lamp...

Camels to Cows - Algeria Overland
Tom Coote

While drifting around a bend – on the wrong side of the road – he suddenly swerved to avoid a dozing cow

Tayrona Park
Andres Botero

A paradise rich in nature and archeology

The Independents Sweepstakes
Jamess Campion
Tea Party to Green Party to Reform Party
Chile's Leap of Faith with the New Right

David Calleja

Piñera’s immediate focus will be the economy. He has pledged strong growth through the creation of one million jobs
Musin: To Live or Not, To Leave
Lakunle Jaiyesimi

The absence of law in Nigeria
Coffee for Everyone
James Skinner
A town called Vic and Immigration Law in Spain
On Retardation in US Politics
Dean Borok
I am suffering in mute agony as I examine correspondence that recounts a scenario of insurance companies denying claims

The Robin Hood Tax
Gemma Roxanne Williams

Turning a crisis into a worldwide benefit
Front of House
Jeffrey A Kaufman
Waitress tips from the Chef

A Brief History of Haiti
Norman Rubin

A troubled country needs our help
Smart Ass Boy
Jeannine Pitas

First Encounter of the boy kind
Tabytha Towe's Detox Diary
12 Days to save her life and her kidneys.
Can she make it?
The Mother in Law House
C Andrew Beck

Dine with Ghosts in St Charles
Drink Now - Pay Later
Faye Joice
Alcohol dependancy in slowly destroying campus life
The Writer's Life - Our New Cartoon
Wayne E Pollard
St Gallen - Switzerland
Loraine Balita

I took a deep breath, couldn’t decide where to finally rest my amazed eyes
Waiting for my shot at the big time
Abigail George
It is much more seductive to live without than to be so much hungry for more
REVIEWS Film & Books
Mourning for Moaning
Jasmine Marie

Look, I’ve no time for banter. Is there anyone else in the house besides you?
Chris Castle

He liked hearing her café stories, the people she met. ‘Disposable friends’ her boss, called it.
The Hoopster and The Hopster
David Russell
(Young Fiction)
He told his mom he needed to shoot some baskets
Brierley Grange
Louise Broadbent
In which we discover the truth about family ghosts
Swimming Towards Marriage
Martin Green

You’re hiding something.  Don’t forget, you’re not getting any younger. 
The Chandelier
Piotr Weslowski

19th Century Bohemian glass - a steal or not a steal. That was the question
The Blackout of '03
John Richmond

First rescue the chilled Vodka then figure out what happened...

Her Protector
Denise Julieanne Collins
She told me she should have listened to me.  She said that kids and dogs always know the bad people. 

Why are George Orwell's Essays's So Good?
James Morford

Orwell often lived the lives of those he wrote about, be they soldiers, miners, or the down and out waiting to die in hospitals for the poor.

The Wolfman (2010)
Directed by Joe Johnston
Daniel Cann review

Disappointing remake of werewolf classic

Sherlock Holmes
Directed by Guy Ritchie
Richard Crawley review

Robert Downey Jnr pulls it off
First Rule by Robert Crais
Janette Carr review

Mayhem and murder in tough blood-soaked thriller
The Prophecy by Gill James
Amanda Donovan review

The central theme of the book is the Babel Prophecy
White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
Karren Murray Gow review

Beautifully written and intelligently structured
Tapas and Tears by Chris Higgins
Emily Rogers review
a bright, easy and fun read, which is perfect for an audience of 11+ girls
Rebel by R J Anderson
Megan Web
b review
a book that grips you from its opening line; ‘the Queen is dying’ through to the end - the sequel to Knife

Skins: The Novel by Ali Cronin
Kelsey Churcher review
Pay heed to the 18+ label on the cover
Talk to the Hand by Nicole Dryburgh
Bella Osborne review
Inspirational cancer coping manual
In My Sky at Twilight
edited by Gaby Morgan
Kelly Bianchi review
Poems for Twilight lovers
Falling Hook, Line and Sinker
by Helen Bailey
Carrie Baxter review
Electra and Jack are back and still fighting

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
Dan Schneider review

a good novel, in the Gothic tradition, and a very good read
The Rapture by Liz Jensen
Paul Valentine review

Liz Jensen must know that her story isn’t even a little far fetched, it is far fetched to the point of hilarity
The Quest of the Warrior Sheep
by Christine and Christopher Russell

A Mia Palmer review

This mad caper of a story with its funny and wholly entertaining characters will certainly keep anyone hooked
I Am Ozzy
Ozzy Osbourne and Chris Ayres
Daniel Cann review

Lively tale of a rock survivor
The Passport by Herta Muller
Paul Valentine Review

Strange surreal window on a post war Romania
Jerome David Salinger 1919-2010
James Campion
The life of a reclusive American icon
The Second Woman - A Denton Mystery
by Kenneth Cameron
Karen Murray Gow review
Ingredients for a recipe are just that. Kenneth Cameron has worked them together to create, as the editor suggested, a guaranteed success
Master of Misrule by Laura Powell
Gareth M Bryant review
Powell really has outdone herself, setting a new standard for future publications
Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord
Mark Wright Review

A thriller for kids in 12 exciting editions
The Doppleganger Chronicles: First Escape by G P Taylor
Tynedale Books ISBN 9781414319476
Amy Johnson review
a fast-paced, unrelenting story that manages to maintain its energy and charm
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