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The International Writers Magazine:Life Stories

Human behaviour
Dean Borok
No kid ever liked me very much because I have always had a total lack of interest about them. People got kids, so what? I was only invited over for drinks. “Nice kid you got there”, and the kid would glare at me. No woman ever saw fit to trap me into paternity, because women, who are guided by their instincts, evaluated me as being too unstable to be a reliable sucker when it came to paying child support, so I got let off the hook.


My friend David Galindez is the only decent parent I ever met, because I knew him for thirty years before he ever told me that he had any kids, as opposed to idiots who continually waste your time telling you about their kids and forcing you to look at baby pictures of their idiot progeny.

On top of everything else, every parent who ever brought up a child assumes that he is speaking with the Voice of Authority, even when associating with other adults, especially renegade characters like me.

Society is always carrying on about kids and how they love kids. Yeah, they love kids – their own kids. Your kids can go to hell. A common refrain is “Why should I pay for your kids to have health insurance? Why should I pay for your kids to get food stamps, housing, etc”? How many parents have gotten convicted of felonies for just trying to get their kids enrolled in a little better school district?

Americans love kids when they can use them for a garbage can. “Yeah, we got this breakfast cereal, Little Schmuckies, which are blown rice with sugar and sodium and dyed purple, pink and gold, which we advertise on Saturday morning action shows. They retail for $5.00 a box, which means we make $4.75 a pop. We’re marketing them towards low-income and minorities, who are all on food stamps anyway, so we’re just recuperating our tax dollars. Fuck ‘em, let them lose their souls”. Meanwhile, the public obesity rate is at one-third, and a tenth of the population is projected to get diabetes.

This is Charles Dickens on acid. A whole segment of the population, the most defenseless, is being thrown to the wolves. Children are not just collateral damage, they are the target. The state of Pennsylvania is a prime exhibit. The founders of the Second Mile charity came up with a business model that would use kids as a disposable resource to bring in cash. Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, clinical psychologist John Raykovitz and Raykovitz’ wife together pulled down a combined $230,000 last year from a budget of $2.2 million in private donations and state funds.

Imagine Sandusky in front of a room full of donors! “Blah, we’re helping kids through an athletic program using all of Penn State’s facilities… blah blah blah character and self-reliance… blah blah blah responsible citizens”. As this dingbat broad once told me, “Even if it’s only half true, that’s enough to convince me”. Duh, what about the other half?

But the part of it that was true was really true. Sandusky and Raykovitz had convinced Penn State to let Second Mile use its deluxe facilities, cutting Second Mile’s overhead expenses to zero.

The parents were also complicit, hoping to save a few bucks on an expensive athletic program. “Do whatever Coach Sandusky tells you”.
“But my butt hurts”.
“Don’t worry about that. Remember, we could never afford all the advantages you’re getting”.

Sad but true. We are descended from the apes in the trees (the visceral repugnance of this reality is enough to drive you into the arms of the Creationists), and if the alpha monkey decides to rip of a piece of monkey butt from one of the juveniles, who is there to stop him?

Just to show you that this is not just an isolated incident in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I’d like to refer your attention to Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judge Mark Ciavarella, who last August was sentenced to 28 years in prison for sentencing thousands of juveniles to a state-funded private detention facility on minor or questionable charges, in return for $1 million in kickbacks.

So Pennsylvania is only one state. Multiply that by 50 and throw in the Catholic Church, and what have you got? Hell, multiply that by 170 countries around the world, and what have you got? No need to go to freakin' Thailand, you got a cornucopia of kids’ butts right here in the good ol’ USA.

I am not looking to change the world. What do I care? But I love pushing the public’s face in its own nasty behavior, like a dog. It’s a beautiful thing.
© Dean Borok November 15th 2011
Dean Borok

For a writer who has long lamented the tendency of the younger generation to forsake three-dimensional life in favor of dopey little consumer toys and games, it’s a bit of a dereliction not to have visited the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Zuccotti Park

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