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Mean Tide
Mean Tide by Sam North
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'Extraordinary novel about
a child's psychic awakening'

'An engaging, unusual
& completely engrossing
Beverly Birch author of 'Rift'

The Curse of the Nibelung -
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
by Sam North

'Chocolate will never be the
same again'
- Sunday Express
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The Curse of the Nibelung
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The International Writer's Magazine: Our 12th - October 2011 - Welcome
*November will be the very last full issue of Hackwriters - don't forget to come back to say goodbye.
Travel stories & guides
Politics & Issues
Ways of living
Bus Bribe
Bobby Fox

Still feeling the buzz from the Crimean wine we consumed at dinner, my fiancée and I headed to the bus stop in preparation of our 12-hour ride back Dnepropetrovsk.
Flying over Bora Bora
Uri A. Jurist

On May 14, I vanquished my fear of heights. 
Full Moon Party on Ko Samet
John M Edwards

John M. Edwards survives a psychedelic breakdown on a backpacker’s mecca off the coast of Thailand
A Legacy for Lake Como     
Bill Gilpin

Exploring Villa Balbianello
Furious and Freckled
Kate Leyshon in Thailand

It’s safe to say that I am a significantly freckled individual, in fact I’m pretty much covered in them

Hanoi, Quy Nhon and my bargaining curse
David Calleja

Saving a bit of money in the bargaining process may equate to winning the battle, but is the cost really worth it?
Jenny B's Brighton Blog
fashion, food, and more importantly, Brighton!
How to Brave the Budapest Baths
John M Edwards

So as the Danubians do: Say goodbye to 'Bliss' and splash around au naturale in the 'Eau de vie' of a real thermal Spa

American Youth Movement - Fad or Voice?
Occupy Wall St., Maintain a Presence
James Campion

All you people in the streets from NYC to Chicago to Seattle and all points in between; when the signs come down and the chants die out and FOXNEWS and MSNBC are not frightened or titillated by you anymore, there is something you need to hear: Anger and protest only gets you so far, and in most cases it gets you nowhere.
Thai Floods Threaten Economy
Jules Kay
Heavy rains in Thailand caused extreme flooding in many parts of the country this month, in what has become the nation’s most expensive natural disaster.

Spanish Woes
James Skinner

The banking system is about to collapse completely. Added to these woes are the constant national, regional and town councils debts that are being uncovered and are flowing like an out of control flood.
The Cult of Mackintosh   John Thomson
It was the angular, high-backed chair that first drew my eye to the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
The Arab Spring: Inspiration for Writers & Artists - Dee Mason
For as long as we've had conflict, we've had people to document it

A Daughter Returns
Indrani Bhattacharyya
They are poles apart as far as their respective nature, individuality, perspectives towards life are concerned. If the older one is explosively extrovert, the younger firecracker sternly believes in silence
How to breathe life into the Dead Sea
Saleem Quna

Who owns the Dead Sea? Who controls what pours in it or what is subtracted from it? Who is entitled to decide its present and future? Why do we care about it?
Carmelita Pope
David Russell
The recent PBS Special on the life of Elia Kazan flashed back memories of Carmelita, whom I last saw 25 years ago.
Fifth Girl
Duncan Shaw
For five years Lucy’s been tied-tethered-leashed to me on my runs around Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA, her four legs clicking in time with my two like a metronome – a perfect running aid and companion.
The World As it Is
Washington Scandals
Arny Pickholtz' essay on YouTube
Sucker Punch
Dean Borok

I am not that loveable of a person. Hell, you think I don’t know about it, with suckers reminding me about it on a daily basis?
REVIEWS Film & Books
Sour Notes
John Kujawski 
My friend Anna said she could bring out the worst in me.  I knew that wasn’t possible because she’d never seen my bad side. Besides, in order to bring out the worst in me, she’d have to get inside my head and I knew she couldn’t do that

The Theology Student
David Francis on the train

He had the tidiness combined with the carefully searching eyes so that I took him for a theology student.

Careless Trust
Margaret Clapham

“Gramps, what does free speech mean?” 

The goddess in his dream
Jonah Ayodele Obajeun

The first time I saw Helena was in a dream I had two weeks earlier where she was at a show in the Amphi Theatre of the university
Sacto Fall   
Martin Green

Paul Lerner opened his eyes, awakened by a bad dream in which something, he couldn’t remember what, was coming after him. He automatically reached his hand over to the other side of the bed although he knew nobody would be there. 

The Sisters Brothers
by Patrick DeWitt.
Ecco, Harper/Collins, New York.
Charlie Dickinson review
I read THE SISTERS BROTHERS by Patrick DeWitt expecting a literary treat: Here’s one of six 2011 novels short-listed for the Man Booker Prize

Rob Myers
Deliberate but pulsating, Drive is both as lean and as powerful as the machines it showcases. Like the cinematic icons of yesteryear, Ryan Gosling’s driver keeps his head down and his mouth closed
Blue Valentine
Directed by Derek Cianfrance
Blue Valentine is a film designed to stir debate, but not in the usual silly political nor emotional sort of way. Its debate is of a deeper and more profound measure, and that is it asks which of the two main characters profiled in the film is in the wrong?

The Magicians and The Magician King
by Lev Grossman revisited

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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