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Mean Tide
Mean Tide by Sam North
*Buy now and get 25% off

'Extraordinary novel about
a child's psychic awakening'

'An engaging, unusual
& completely engrossing
Beverly Birch author of 'Rift'

The Curse of the Nibelung -
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
by Sam North

'Chocolate will never be the
same again'
- Sunday Express
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The International Writer's Magazine: - Our 12th Year - September 2011 - Welcome
Travel stories & guides
Politics & Issues
Ways of living
Six reasons why you should travel alone after a rough breakup.
Mariusz Stankiewicz

First is regaining a sense of freedom
Far Rockaway
Dean Borok
Every summer about this time, the Fort Tilden Beach in Far Rockaway gets hit by an infestation of biting flies that incubate in the Gateway National Recreation Area
Nice: A Cultural Divide
John Welsh

When it comes to eating and drinking, the cultures do not seem to merge.
Sleepless in St John
John M Edwards

John succumbs to the lures and snares of Caribbean ecotourism— on the romantic eve of 'Miss Lucy’s Pig Roast Full Moon Party'!
Singin' on the Love Boat
Charles E J Moulton

The cruise liner was my address for six months. My job was to sing and act in seven shows

The Joe Cool Double Reverse Hail Mary - James Campion
Let it be known that on 9/8/11 at 7:10 pm in a joint session of congress on Capitol Hill, the 2012 presidential election campaign of Barack Hussein Obama began in earnest.
ETA, the Pope and Spain

James Skinner

August has been a rather hectic month with all kinds of horrors occurring in the world. Libya and Syria have contributed with the never-ending saga of citizens’ revolts that nobody really knows how it’s all going to end

Jerash, A Roman Secret
Marwan Asmar

It's a truly amazing experience to sit and watch military scenes that resemble those you enjoyed watching in the “Gladiator” movie in Jerash, Jordan.

From Hard Drive to Kindle:
My Quest into Online Publishing
Frances Lewis

It really isn't that hard. Even for a technologically inept person like me. What was difficult was the decision to self-publish in The Dukkering Boy in first place.
Fighting Fit at K-1 Fight Factory
preparing for an MMA Fight
Antonio Graceffo
On day six of training, with two K-1 Fight Factory instructors pushing me, I broke my personal record
Fasting in Amman
David C Clemmons

In an effort to absorb more of the cultural nuances of Jordan, I decided to participate in the fasting aspect of Ramadan
street art
Street Art in San Francisco
Arny Pickholtz (Video essay)
Fighting in Port Barton
James Roth

“Chickens?” I asked.
“For fighting,” he answered. "Every Sunday."
REVIEWS Film & Books
For the Thousandth Time:
I met her in a Bar

Joshua Bantum

A friend of mine understands my hopeless romanticism, and also the self destruction that follows it, but she never understood the type of women I choose to pursue
Sacramento Spring 
Martin Green

In recent weeks I’d been thinking a lot about my secretary Jane Harper and now here she was.  “Mind if I join you?” she asked.
Along A Seashell Path
Susan Dale

Hurrying down the hardscrabble roads with wheelbarrows bumping along in front of them, the villagers stooped to gather up the stony remains of a bombed-out cathedral
Old Man and the Boy
Margaret Clapham

Jack Marley wiped the small blobs of shaving cream from his face. The image that stared out of the foggy mirror was someone he didn’t want to know

Chris Castle

Ryan sat in the strip club trying to look any other place but at the dancers. It was bad enough that he had ended up in such a dive, that his oldest friend, Steve, was drunk beyond all recognition
Lacy Lalonde

Two years and still counting. A tick for each day etched into the inside of the bars that hold me captive. I have counted them every day. Yesterday there were 711, today there are 712. Two years
First Flame
Bruce Harris

I put down the magazine. I have to think, the kind of thinking which needs solitude.
‘Rob’, I say, ‘I’d like a bath. Can you manage?’
Something in the neighbourhood
Chris Castle

We all sat in the dusk on Bobby’s porch that looked out onto the neighbourhood. Above us was the sunset but we didn’t acknowledge that. Instead, all we talked about was the killer, the next victim and the neighbourhood.
Rob Myers

Theoretically, Warrior is the type of film that audiences should flock to in droves. It is a sports drama (Mixed Martial Arts, in this case) with familial conflict at its center and the notion of overcoming all odds at its heart.
Trackers by Deon Meyer
Sam North review
Complex spy/action thriller set in crime infested South Africa grips you completely

Death and the Penguin
by Andrey Kurkov
Charlie Dickinson
Death and the Penquin by Ukrainian writer Andrey Kurkov recalls the classic Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West. Both novels are rich with black humor about writers working for cynical newspaper editors and publishing under pseudonyms.
Things We Didn’t See Coming
by Steven Amsterdam
Sam North review
a wonderful examination of a crack in time, haunting, passive, yet compelling
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
by David Wroblewski
Sam Hawksmoor review
an emotional roller coaster and well deserved of its worldwide success
Film of the Month:
The Guard starring Brendan Gleeson & Don Cheadle - politically incorrect - hilarious and oddly moving movie about a lone cop in Galway, Ireland paired with a FBI agent.
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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