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MAY - Editorial

Welcome to this May edition of Hackwriters . Read us and the amazing archives too. 16 years on-line, 7701 articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the share link.

* The recent tragedy in Nepal is certainly huge in proportion. Almost 10,000 dead and rising. If you can give to the Red Cross – they do the best work in these situations and are there in place right now. It's not just the immediate emergency rescue, they need planners and engineers - whole villages, towns and cities will have to be rebuilt. They will need your help for some time ahead.

May 7th: Took myself off to listen to the Darius Brubeck Quartet last night - they will be playing in Leeds next and Lincoln 5th June prior to a national tour. Turns out we are cousins. Not sure who is the most surprised. Anyway it was good to hear them in full throttle and picked up the CD 'Cathy's Summer' as well. Click on link to find out where they play next and sample the new tunes.

Editorial: May 8th
David Cameron and The Conservatives won an outright majority last night to govern the UK for the next five years. Every pundit said that it would be the Socialists who'd win and govern with the extreme left Scottish Nationalists. All the polls were absolutely wrong saying the result would be neck and neck. The surge for the far right materialised in the shape of 4 million votes or 13% of the national vote, but only resulted in one seat for Ukip (although they came second in about 120 more which is a bit scary) and will be seen again in the upcoming referendum in 2017 for staying in or out of Europe. Personally I think we need to stay a part of Europe - but it would nice to escape the obvious corruption of Euro politics.

The political landscape has changed in the UK. I am happy we have continuity and if the Prime Minister wants a tip - I suggest since London so enthusatically voted Labour - we should let them have the mansion tax in all those Labour seats and give them a hair shirt to cry on to boot. That aside - it's a good result for common sense and England in particular.
Conservatives - 331
Labour - 232
SNP - 56
Others 31 -- Total 650 Seats

© Sam North May 2015
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