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The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Shortlisted for the -
Leeds Books Awards &

Amazing Book Award 2013

'Smart, dark and graceful,
will send chills down
your spine'
Evie Seo
- Bookish Blog

Read the sequel:

The Hunting out now
Tomas D
The Repercussions
of Tomas D

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The International Writer's Magazine:
MAY 2013
Travel stories
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Sintra : Portugal
John M Edwards

Setting up my tent on a grassy knoll in sight of the splendid Moorish castle
Annelise Mecca

A defining moment takes you by surprise; most of the time, you don’t even see it coming until you walk in its midst, broke, hungry, and bare-foot in the nighttime streets of Rome.
A stumble through fantasyland
John Enaeda

Picton, in the north-eastern corner of New Zealand’s South Island, used to be a pretty little seaside village with all the potential in the world for being a true tourist Mecca.
A Dead Paradise
Matthew Bremner in Imsouane

In the early morning its bay yawns into gigantic consciousness, swallowing, in dawn's semi-sentinence, a large gulp of the Atlantic ocean.
First Impressions of Milano
Angelica Paletta

Henrietta lived in Milano, tourism didn’t interest her, and it was not her priority for us to appreciate a sight for too long
Puerto Rico
Discovering a Unique Identity
Sonum Bharill

I thought of Puerto Rico as a tropical island. I came to realize that it is instead a series of juxtapositions
The Temazcal and the Ceiba Tree:
A Trip among the Maya
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

I first stumbled into the soaring thatched-roof lobby of the Mahekal Beach Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, some years ago. Could this really be a hotel?
Prince Christian Sound
Iceberg Canyon
Bonnie Devet

Visit the blue-gray Arctic waters amid one billion year-old granite mountains, see cascading waterfalls formed by melting glaciers
Austin Café Limits
John M. Edwards

Kickass Cool Coffee Quest @ Quacks

How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love The Shield Law
James Campion

Just received notice from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that I am a criminal. Well, could be a criminal. Aim to be a criminal? Not sure.
Spain & The Media
James Skinner

Here in Spain its business as usual, chaos all round. Spaniards like any other humans are more interested in what happens in their neighborhood than events hundreds of miles away
On the topic of Death
Mathew Bremner

The subject of death isn’t likely to bring joy to people’s hearts. I can imagine the rolling of your eyes as you see the title
Tom Clifford

Death still stalks the crumbling mineshafts and the mountain, a grave for millions, looms over the town cursed by silver. The Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) remains a deadly place for miners
Emancipation or entrapment?
Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani

“You should make quick decisions about marriage because you are a girl and you carry an expiry date on you.”
Bacchanal Break
James Morford

Although slowed by the rise of Christianity, for centuries it remained a part of reality. Modern day resort residents blame or, if they happen to own a restaurant or a hotel, praise, low airline fares and cheap all-inclusive hotel rates for its existence.
A Sea of White
Katherine Casillo

9,387 white marble gravestones stand erect on a perfectly manicured lawn in Normandy, France. Stretching across 172 acres of land overlooking Omaha Beach
Second Term Jinx - Obama Style
James Campion
This has been a stellar week for the federal government, and by proxy a bad week for our re-elected president

Take A Walk
Rachel Kaye in Jordan

When you journey to a new country, people always say to do as the natives do.
Catalan Springs Eternal
Olivia Montiel

“El mue nom és Olivia. Sóc dels Estats Units,” the few words I remembered from my half semester of Catalan seems to have paid off.
Everyday Strange
Marina Jarrette

I anxiously scoured the Valley Metro site for clear and understandable directions to Fiesta Mall. I’ll just go ahead and stop myself right here and say that this was mistake #1 ...
How to See Tangier in Twelve Hours
Michael Bucaria

So you want to go to Tangier? The city consists of many fascinating hybrids: of northern Africa and Southern Spain, of a Mediterranean port city and a desert oasis
Grasping Gratitude
Alexia Schroeder

Not until after I opened my eyes, back stiff from lying on the hard, carpeted floor of a classroom, and faced sixteen children, did I register the sheer abnormality of what had just occurred
Grandeur of Washington's National Mall
Habeeb Salloum

To America's youth, Washington D.C., their country's capital, is an almost mythical city.
Radnor students reach beyond borders
Michele Gaston

Pen Pals Club at Radnor Middle School, PA, raised over $5,000 to fund the building of a bathroom at Bupala Primary School in Uganda
Fragrance in Wild Wood Spa
Marianne de Nazareth

A thousand flowers envelop you as you step into the reception at Wild Wood Spa and resort at Kundapur.
Living life by the quarter year
Lucy Munday

A year ago I left a little five-month ‘nook’ in Melbourne for the sunshine and relaxation Perth had to offer. I set up camp in Perth, sleeping in my friend’s double bed for the first two weeks.

REVIEWS Film & Books
The Life of a Bohemian
Abigale George

Pale are the ripples that curl on top of these drinks we are having. Mine tastes like dark chocolate (the expensive kind you can only get at specific shops). We’re sitting outside the benches of a restaurant, not rushing to get anywhere.
Potty’s Perfect Pie
John Adeane

It was close to stumps on a Friday night in the lounge bar of the Criterion. Patrons were draining their glasses and making last-minute comfort stops as their wives gathered up furs, stoles and handbags
Oswaldo Jimenez

T.C. heard the monologue drifting through the wind. The words had no meaning to him, they failed to alleviate the despair and solitude he felt in his heart.
The Boy’s Observations
Donia Varghese

His heart was pounding like the African drums in the documentary on Nat Geo he’d seen the day before. He’d broken the green vase. It had been his mother’s favourite.
The Fortune Teller
Sam North

'I’ll tell your fortune,” she said looking directly at me, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream smeared on one cheek. “But you have to promise not to hate me afterwards.”

Do Travel Writers Go To Hell?

By Thomas Kohnstamm

Three Rivers Press (2008), 272 pps
John M. Edwards review
Thomas Kohnstamm’s sadly neglected criminally negligent book “Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?” does not at all answer the medium-rare question it pretends to propose.
The Fate in the Box
by Michelle Lovric Orion May 2013
A complex delight with vivid writing that brings old Venice to life in a way that only Michelle Lovric can do
Alcatraz v. the Knights of Crystallia By Brandon Sanderson
Gill Hutchison review
“Books are a little like teenage boys. Whenever they start congregating they make trouble…” 
Interview with a Devil
Martin Green

...why don’t you just say that I come from a distant country and have lived in many lands.
The Rescue of Duke
Leroy B Vaughn

I was trying to make small talk with one of the men that hand washed our pick-up truck, when I looked towards something moving behind the chain link fence.
“Is that a rat,” my wife asked

The Hunting
by Sam Hawksmoor
Evie Seo review
'... fast-paced, thrilling, ambitious and thought-provoking, you'll definitely love this'
Chilled to the Bone

by Quentin Bates

This is the third Sergeant Gunnhildur Gisladottir mystery which begins at a cracking pace and never lets up.
If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch
Pub: May 2013

Carey has never known anything other than surviving, starving, hunting squirrels for meat and raising her little sister ‘right’
The Blackboard Jungle
Dan Schneider review

Any film that stars Sidney Poitier is going to rise and fall on the basis of his presence. He is one of those classic actors, like a Jimmy Cagney, that simply captures the attention of an audience, for good or ill.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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