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Life Moments

• Kevin Hughes
Time to stop the tears ...

tea and biscuits

“Well, I have always found that a cup of tea works just fine.”
The little girl sniffed. Her tears had only just recently stopped flowing.
“Tea and a cookie?” Nanna offered, upping the stakes.
She considered the peace offer. “Well, cookies actually. I have never been able to eat just one.”
Her Nanna smiled as she said that last bit. The little girl had to laugh at the look. You would have too.
“Me either!” Her Nanna winked at her. They were co-conspirators now. The fifty years between them … forgotten.
“You will have to help me set the table for tea. Would you?”
The little girl jumped down off of the stool and raced around the counter. “Of course, Nanna. Can we use the tea set you put out for company?”
This time it was Nanna who smiled. The little girl was learning. “Yes. Yes, dear. We can.”
“Oh good! Can I put the cookies on the plate with the silver tongs?”

Her Nanna nodded. The little girl concentrated very hard as she carefully took each cookie from the jar. Making sure not to break them as she lifted them out with the tongs. The China was so pretty, the little girl made a ring of the cookies using the flowers on the platter as her guide. Nanna didn’t point out that there were only the two of them. A dozen cookies was more than enough. The tea pot whistled. Lace doilies were placed on each side of the small table. Tea was poured. The little girl took the tongs and politely asked her Nanna to pick out the two cookies she wanted on her plate. Her tongue perched softly on the side of her mouth as she made sure that those two cookies were placed exactly in the center of the saucer.

Her Nanna filled her teacup halfway, and then filled her own too. Whatever happened before tea and cookies… forgotten. Nanna handed the little silver teaspoon to the little girl. There were soft clinks as sugar and milk were added a bit at a time, until the perfect cup of tea was ready. As they always did, they touched their teacups together with a solid soft clink.
Each took a sip and reached for a cookie.

© Kevin Hughes July 2023
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