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••• The International Writers Magazine: Ukraine Constitution

The Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk
- the first democratic constitution in the world
• Kateryna Dzekun

One may claim that the modern history of a nation begins with its constitution.

Orlyk P

The eighteenth century was the period in which several nations constructed their constitutions: The United States in 1787-1789, France and Poland in 1791. Ukraine led in this respect, with a constitution in 1710 that was written by Pylyp Orlyk - the first Ukrainian Hetman in-exile, who headed the powerful Ukrainian political emigration in Western Europe.

Pylyp Orlyk (1672 – 1742) -  a Cossack noble and Hetman (leader) was the chief author of the 1710 Bendery Constitution. This was the first document in the world to establish a democratic standard for the separation of powers in government between the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches. The Constitution also limited the executive authority of the Hetman and established a democratically elected Cossack parliament called the General Council. Predating the classic example of an expression of democratic polity – the American Constitution by over 65 years, the Orlyk Constitution testifies to the long-standing traditions of democracy in Ukraine. Orlyk Constitution

Pylyp Orlyk was elected Hetman of Ukraine on  April 5, 1710 in Benedery (present day Moldavia). The election day was important for  Orlyk for rwo reasons: Cossack Council approved his work “Pact and Constitution of Rights and Freedoms of the Cossack Army”. It was the first written political and legal document that affirmed basic rights and regulations to the people of the Ukrainian state.  The constitution of Ukraine on its acceptance recognised at once the governments of Sweden and Turkey.   

Ist Page Orlyk Constituion Orlyk's signature

After the restoration of Ukraine’s political independence in 1991, the Orlyk Constitution acquired the status of a monument of Ukrainian philosophical and legal thought, but its grandeur remains little known and inadequately appreciated by the public, even by those who regard themselves as members of the “Ukrainian elite.” Nevertheless, Pylyp Orlyk went down in history of Ukraine as the last Hetman, who openly strived for the establishment of the Ukrainian state. He faithfully served  Ukraine his entire life and multiplied its glory.

NHCP “Hetman's capital”
© K D April 2016

Andriy Rozumovskyi musical festival competition of young performers - Kateryna Dzekun
This good tradition started in 2012 in Baturyn palace when we celebrated the 260th birthday anniversary of Andriy Rozumovskyi
Rozumovskyi Palace
Ukraine Hetmanate
Kateryna Dzekun

The imposing Hetman palace in all its beauty can compete with the most distinguished palaces of the world

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