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The International Writers Magazine: Kids Books Reviews

P K Pinkerton and The Case of the Pistol-Packing Widows
by Caroline Lawrence
Orion Childrens Books
ISBN: 978-1-4440-0875-3
Pub July 2014
• Sam North review
Darn it, Caroline Lawrence has gone and written herself her best P K Pinkerton story yet. 

PK Pinkerton

If you don't already know the 12-year-old half Lakota Indian Private Detective out of Virginia City you have been missing a big treat.  Riddled with good stuff about the American West and some real heroes and villains between the pages, P.K is hired by the Chinese Courtesan Opal to follow her beau Poker Face Jace who is in Carson City for the duration of the Legislature. P.K. doesn't exactly know what a Legislature is but he hires a good Lakota horse and a terrific grieving widow disguise and high tails it to Carson.  He is a bit conflicted about the case, seeing as Poker Face Jace is his mentor an’ all, but he’s a professional and a jobs a job. Unfortunately he learns the hard way about short cuts from the Toll Roads but is found by Blue Supper who sets him straight. In Carson he meets more colourful people than you can shake a stick at, gamblers, ladies of the night, a scheming black widow, newspapermen and crooked politicians, not to mention a pistol-shooting Monkey. P.K. discretely goes about his 'following' business with hilarious results.  Naïve, great fun, written at a cracking pace.  A whole new generation could rediscover the American West and learn a whole lot too. Great, thrilling stuff and P K has a very serious secret that I am not about to reveal….

© Sam North August 2014
Editor of
Author of ‘Diamonds – The Rush of ’72 and ‘Magenta

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