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The Repercussions
of Tomas D

The story of a hero
who became the
Englands' greatest traitor

PLV Radio
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Sara Troy

The International
Writer's Magazine:
July 2014
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Moving to the Philippines?
Fred C Wilson 111

There are many advantages to living in the economically thriving Philippines.
The Living Desert Experience
I was invited to join what’s known as a ‘Living Desert Experience’ with Charly’s Desert Tours, a Swakopmund-based tour company that specialise in desert adventures
All the Tea in China
Tom Clifford

For hours our small bus had been buffeted by nature’s wrath, exposed on Guizhou’s mountain passes and only the dexterity and skill of our driver kept us this side of paradise.

Glacier Express
The Glacier Express is the most famous railway in the world. From St Moritz to Zermatt it travels through 91 tunnels, and across 291 bridges...
Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space Open Call for Performance Artists 2015

The Age of Political Inertia
James Campion
+ Readers Responses
or How A Humanitarian Crisis Sheds Greater Light on Washington Dysfunction - Everything has now become so political that it has crippled the government to work together to solve even an obviously open/shut case.
British Liberalism
Tom Kilcourse

I wonder how J S Mill, and Dickens, would regard the society that they originally inspired. Would Mill approve of what today passes for liberalism?
The Art of Dissent
Madhura Shetty

... freaking out about placements? How much are they paying you? ...
King Felipe V1
James Skinner

Spain in the throes of major change
Civil Rights Act at 50
James Campion

Thirteen years before the United States of America was plunged into a bloody Civil War from which over 600,000 would be slaughtered ... Fredrick Douglas poured from his heart the core of patriotism
Ebola Virus: How Prepared Is Nigeria? - Odimegwu Onwumere
Disease claims 660+ lives in Africa so far this year

Issues about Community
Tom Kilcourse

It appears now that some people have had second thoughts on multiculturism. ‘We were wrong : all cultures are not equal’
The Hidden Life of the African Feminist
Abigail George

The African feminist is the feminine intellectual who in the final analysis is the square peg who does not fit into the round hole
Brooklyn Monk Takes on Four Fighters in One Night
Greg Isaacson

Not quite kumite, but a spiritual victory for author-warrior
Life! No less than a struggle
Shubhi S

Battles between countries can be won or lost easily, life battles are tougher
A Visit to the Sphinx
Walli F. Leff

Reflecting on the now dismantled Kara Walker’s art exhibit, one of the most provocative shows in New York City this season
Bohemian Rhapsody
John M. Edwards

JME takes the waters in the Czech Republic’s so-called West Bohemian Spa Triangle in order to spy out the local talent and bathe in the buff. . . .

REVIEWS Film & Books


new from Sam North
A mysterious, tragic tale from the wilds of the Lincolnshire coast – a haunting story about father and daughter
Learning from Genocide
Abigail George

She is old before her time. They all say that whoever they might be.
From the archives:
If You Want Peace, Prepare for War
Willam Better
The Hero is one of the people in the filling station’s convenience store. He wears snug black jeans that disappear into tall black riding boots like cavalrymen wore when tilting towards each other in green fields, heroes all

The Horrible Boss
Martin Green

I’ve always liked stories that had a truly bad villain, someone whom you could hate and rejoice in his (or her) comeuppance, because in stories the villain always gets it in the end
I Unfriend You
Diane Malk

I threw her a life preserver, only to snatch it back in again
Bear Mountain Man
Oswaldo Jimenez

Bear Mountain was not a particularly uncommon mountain. Like other mountains in the vicinity, Bear Mountain was green in spring, brown in autumn, and white in winter...

The Reset Button by Jeff Hunt
Ist Part of the Digital Natives Series
An America plunged into darkness and illiteracy in a post-apocalypic world by a teenage despot - A Kindle book
Shimmer by Paula Weston
Indigo (July 2014)
Sam Hawksmoor review
Leading on from Shadows and Haze, we have the third book by Paula Weston in what looks to be a saga of angels and demons.
Life As Art - Ai WeiWei
Walli F. Leff
at Brooklyn Museum
Art-loving tourists from all over the world fan out through the Upper East Side, Chelsea, and Soho to visit Manhattan’s famed museums and galleries...

Three Resurrected Drunkards
Dan Schneider DVD review

a sometimes fun and amusing comedy-absurdist drama...
Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo - The stunning final book in The Grisha Trilogy

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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