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The International Writers Magazine: On the Struggle to decide your own destiny

Life! No less than a struggle
• Shubhi S
Battles between countries can be won or lost easily, life battles are tougher.


For a saying - Man is a social animal. Yes! He is an animal, socially challenged though.
If a person is challenged by his own life, if he decides to take up the challenge on a positive note and win the battle, he has yet to undergo a hell lot of things which he cannot even imagine.

Society treats us like we are dependants and if by chance you care enough for it then you've got to be its slave too. For instance, we do not depend on anybody, but the society in which we live has to know about each and every minute detail about one’s life.

Neighbors, relatives, extended family, friends, family and every other person except you might be interested in your life and yeah, they do want to know every detail.

You might find your happiness in a tiny piece of paper and a sweet note scribbled upon it, yet people given a chance will complain that how can this small piece of paper give you such happiness? You don’t have a right to be happy with that! No you don’t! How dare you even think of becoming a writer? Writers cannot have a defined career or future.

Heck!! How come I didn’t know about this I wonder? Since childhood my choices have been part of family discussions, from going to school, to which stream I should choose in my matriculation. From subjects to degree, everything has been decided by Not me but everyone else. So now at least my career choice should be left for me alone to decide. It’s paradoxical how people poke in others' lives rather than concentrating on their own. Apropos society and an individual, they can never come to a mutual conclusion.

Society sucks…….big time!!
© Shubhi S. July 2014
schubi My blog-

Kundadri Hill
Shubhi S

It has been said that “to witness best of the scenes one has to have the zest and the zeal to travel outstation”.

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