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Remote Work Positions for Aspiring Freelancers
• Indiana Lee
 Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Tima Miroshnichenko

Freelancers often struggle to find quality remote positions, especially with so many others now turning towards remote work. Some may find it challenging because they are only looking at positions that are highly competitive for freelancers, while others may struggle to land a job because they aren’t showcasing their skills and experience the best way possible on their resume.

Some of the most successful freelancers don’t limit themselves to one niche. Instead, they gain experience in multiple fields to broaden the pool of available positions. Limiting yourself to one area means you may find yourself always competing for the best jobs in that field.

Additionally, having a quality resume that highlights your skills and experience, especially if you excel in multiple areas, is crucial to landing good freelance gigs. When recruiters spend hours sifting through hundreds of resumes, they are more likely to pass on those that don’t stand out and have a small and limited skillset.

If you want to make the most money possible as a freelancer, you’ve got to open yourself up to new niches and experiences. While balancing multiple career fields can come with its challenges, if you optimize your processes and keep yourself organized, there is no reason why you can’t make it work.

Best Remote Positions to Add to Your Freelance Portfolio

Gaining experience in multiple niches will not only open up more opportunities, but it is great for those who find themselves getting bored doing the same work over and over again. Having a freelance career across different fields can be very rewarding and exciting. Just be mindful not to push yourself too far. A healthy work-life balance is key to avoiding burnout.

Some of the best paying remote positions that you should consider adding to broaden your portfolio and experience include the following:


One field that often gets overlooked by freelancers is accounting. However, good accountants are highly sought after by many companies in all different fields. This line of work typically involves handling financial transactions, preparing tax documents and financial statements, and bookkeeping—all tasks that are easily accomplished in a remote work environment.

Accounting work can also pair well with many other positions, as not all companies need full-time accountants. Instead, they need someone who can handle financial-related tasks here and there. You can certainly work as a full-time accountant if you wish, but it’s not necessary and is thus a great skill to add to your portfolio to help you find side gigs to fit in with other freelance work that you do.

Graphic Designer

These days, you don’t need a fancy college degree to land yourself some graphic design jobs. Lots of companies will pay big bucks for design work, but similar to accounting, they don’t necessarily need a full-time in-house designer. You can easily learn the basics on your own using online resources and add this skill to your portfolio.

Full-time graphic designers can make a decent living, but you can also bring in some good money by designing things like logos, website graphics, and social media content here and there on the side. It’s the type of work that you can easily throw in the mix with other freelance positions.

Travel Agent

Working solely as a travel agent is often not enough to make a ton of money, but it can be a lucrative side career for freelancers. That’s not to say that you can’t have success working as a travel agent full-time, but it’s hard work. You can, however, easily gain the experience necessary to do the work in addition to other freelance gigs.

Travel agent work is also rewarding as you constantly get to work with new people and learn about new and exciting places. And If you are interested in traveling internationally yourself, it’s a great way to make connections and plan ahead for your trip.


Another great freelance position for those interested in international business is a translator. Translators convert text and copy from one language to another and are highly sought after due to their specialized skill set. Many translators work as freelancers or contractors as it’s easy work to fill the gaps between other positions.

If you already speak multiple languages, you should add translation services to your resume. However, anyone working in international business, such as a translator or even travel agents, should be mindful of avoiding cultural faux pas. One quick way to lose an international client is to say or wear something offensive to their culture, which can happen when you are juggling multiple freelance positions and constantly messaging or video chatting with various clients.

Product Manager

If you have good organizational and leadership skills and are a strategic thinker, product management is another niche you should consider adding to your list of experience. Generally, product managers oversee the evolution of a digital or virtual product from its initial concept to completion, and they can work in various fields, from tech and healthcare to e-commerce.

There is plenty of work available for freelance product management as companies are constantly developing new products and working on new projects that need someone who can spearhead the process. However, many companies only require their services from time to time and don’t always hire them full-time in-house. This makes product management another great position for those looking to take on multiple freelance roles.

Tips For a Successful Remote Freelance Career

If you’re going to take on multiple freelance remote positions, you’ve got to prepare yourself and understand what you are getting into. Juggling multiple roles across different niches isn’t for everyone, but if you can, the variety of work can be very rewarding and lucrative. The following tips can help you prepare for a successful remote freelance career in multiple industries:

  1. Find good healthcare: a quality healthcare plan can be hard to come by for remote workers, but it’s essential that you find one, especially if you are going to travel while working. You might think you can slip by without one, but if you find yourself experiencing a medical emergency, you may be unable to afford the treatments without a good healthcare plan.
  2. Use good communication: Good communication skills are necessary for most work positions but are especially important for those working as remote freelancers. When you are juggling multiple communications across various platforms with different clients, good communication skills are necessary.
  3. Develop a routine: It’s easy to fall behind as a remote freelancer without a routine to keep you organized and on task. When you work remotely, no one is there to manage you, so it is your job to manage yourself to ensure your work gets done on time.
  4. Avoid distractions: Remote workers can more easily get distracted by their surroundings. So creating a distraction-free environment is key. If you don’t have a designated office space at home, try renting an office in a co-working space or working out of a coffee shop. 
  5. Maintain a work-life balance: One of the most important tips to follow when working multiple remote freelance positions is to “clock out” and make time for yourself. It’s easy to work all day and night when freelancing, but it’s a sure way to get burnt out. You have to maintain a healthy work-life balance if you want to succeed as a remote freelancer.


It is ultimately up to you how many freelance skills and positions you can handle. However, even opening yourself up to one or two additional fields can vastly improve your chances of landing more jobs. It’s not always easy working multiple roles as a freelancer, but if you enjoy variety and are good at multitasking, it’s a great way to make more money and open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences.

 Indiana Lee © Indiana Lee 12.01.21

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