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The International Writers Magazine: Modern Living

• Roy Valenzuela
My plans are very simple going into the new year but are also culture defying. I'm a trainer, a carpenter, and a writer and between the three I've been able to solidify my financial base I've used my carpentry skills to barter for everything I own.


All is paid for- house, cars, furnishings, and even the crap I don't need. Along with my conceptualized approach to exercise, that requires no strength training equipment, is geared toward calisthenics and bar suspension routines, and is joined to mountain biking, free climbing, swimming, hiking, and sports; with this 'bundle' I endeavor to change the face of exercise and fitness as it's taught and experienced in this age of individualism.

A blast of exercise within a fifteen minute time frame enables me to sustain above average health and fitness well beyond what most teens are capable of and even those robust twenty year olds....

I'm a healthy 47 don't you know.....I train intense, hard, and use difficult movements with a 'no rest' mandate. The beauty, the adrenalin, the satisfaction is experienced in performing outdoors, using nature as my props/ my support.

Within the four walls of my bedroom I've discovered tremendous opportunity to be aggressive! I grab at dresser top adornments, crap shoved into my closet, heavy objects hidden under my bed, and use all the furnishings such as chairs, small stands, lamps, and 'the' available 'inanimate' to make it hard and heavy/ to make it happen. And even less burdensome and more accommodating is my 'kick ass' apparel (whatever I'm wearing at the time qualifies).

My clients are trained in the same manner with one 'aside'; They are taught to use tools for practical reasons. It's mandatory to the training. Both men and women have to manage to work power tools, use a tape measure, a square, work a caulk gun, and manipulate a 3.5 inch sash paint brush in tight corners. With the focus of the training being 'other centeredness', my model 'Fit to perform' has practical application with built in, heart 'driven'/heart felt rewards. Screw the extrinsic accolades! They only bring about damage and failure in the end.

My writing allows me access to the influential contacts that can help my vision grow....I have a bad taste in my mouth for the commercialization of the fitness industry....I want my people to be ready at all times, but for the right reasons and challenge themselves as a one man/ one woman show....Their elixir is to think of others always and to be absolute first responders with both the man made and natural resources available.

I'm a minimalist when it comes to preparedness, but with endurance, power, agility, flexibility, and strength..... Age is not a factor nor will it ever be!

To create a new vision of health with all the accouterments necessary to make an individual, specifically the young, better people, productive people, entrepreneurial people, versatile people, strong people, selfless people; this is my compulsion/ my assignment .

Address the health whatever the lack, introduce basic carpentry skills long since surrendered as families are torn asunder and fathers are no longer at the helm, modify nutrition as an essential to maintaining efficiency in these crucial endeavors, and turn the pupil loose onto the public as an infection that can only bring about positive change. All my constraints are loosed to see this vision unfold simply because the familial, social, economic, and political environments are ripe for a 'change'. The haze must be lifted and a new citizen must be crafted and formed after the likeness of something foreign to a 'want'/something infinitely better. A citizen who finds peace and pleasure in absolute service and little more.

What other reason can there be? On this cornerstone I stand!

© Roy Valenzuela January 2014

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