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The International Writers Magazine: Life and Taxes

Rich Men - Poor You
• Dean Borok
France’s richest man, luxury products LVMH SA chairman Bernard Arnault, did an about-face and declared that he would not renounce his French citizenship and become a Belgian in order to save a few bucks in taxes.
(75% income Tax in fact as proposed by President Hollande)


With all his loot, why not just enjoy life in France instead! Maybe he wanted to excite a reaction against the new French government from exile like the 18th century Duc d'Enghien, but when he turned around to see who was behind him, he realized that he wasn't getting any traction.

He certainly did not achieve an adoring following for his idiotic display of petty meanness. The French public turned their back on him, the Parisian newspaper Libération advising him to “Take a Hike, You Rich Jerk!” Arnault, accustomed to being treated like royalty, told newspaper Le Monde, “It wasn’t very pleasant” ha-ha!

Why Arnault would even consider such a move staggers the imagination. With castles, yachts, jet planes etc. how much more money does he need? On top of everything else, he owns France’s best champagne company! That would be enough to keep me in the country for life!

Depardieu That leaves the humongous fat porker Gérard Depardieu, who renounced his French citizenship to live in Russia, no less! (this is starting to sound more like Napoleon all the time) Depardieu, who owns vineyards in France and is not averse to sampling his own product, will probably get tired of vodka after a while. After a couple of years of living in an icebox, he'll probably be pretty happy to see the Cote d'Azur again.

France has to let him come back, but they'll probably find a way to take a piece out of him, for all the idiot aggravation he is causing them. French society has evolved to the left, and it won’t be turning back anytime soon. The pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi tried to close down its research center located in the city of Toulouse and throw hundreds of workers out of their jobs, not because it was losing money, it isn’t, but because the company felt it could make more money by getting rid of them. Sound familiar? The workers, who consider themselves to have contributed greatly to the firm’s success, weren't buying any of it. They went berserk and held mass demonstrations, where they marched down the street doing a Maori war dance. The Socialist government refused to permit Sanofi to close the facility.

Can you imagine that happening in the U.S.? Unfortunately, the public is so brainwashed that they don’t even know what their rights are at all. Whatever the boss tells them, that’s what goes. Obama had to fight like hell to get a medical insurance plan, and the people who stood most to benefit from it are the ones who most ardently fought against it. Everybody is standing in line to kiss the butt of rich people, who disdain them and loathe them.
Suit yourself! Geez!

© Dean Borok April 13 2013

Jagged Little Pill
Dean Borok

What level of understanding can you reach with a person who has never read a book?

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