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Read The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Smart, dark and graceful, H

Evie Seo -
Shortlisted for The Leeds
Books Awards &
The Amazing Book
Award 2013

Read the sequel:

The Hunting out now

The International Writer's Magazine:
March 2013

Travel stories
Politics & Comment
How we live
Outback Blues
John M Edwards
hitches a hell-ride to Coober Pedy in search of opals...
The Dao of Being Jewish: Lessons from China- Irene Shaland
My husband and I came in search of a Jewish story, and the story we found was much more than we could have anticipated
Trips around Mexico

Leroy B. Vaughn

I was nine years old in 1957, the first time I went to Mexico. That was the year my wife was born in the central Mexican state of Michoacan.
Sojourn in Sopron
An Austro-Hungarian Border Town with Bite! John M. Edwards

During a week-long road trip from Budapest to Salzburg, I somehow convinced my friend to make a stopover in one of my favorite foreign finds: Sopron

Wishing the
Bologna Childrens Books Fair
Happy Birthday for its 50th Year

Holy Land Obama
James Campion

Very soon the president of the United States will be in Israel ... just as the American public has bottomed out its interest in Middle Eastern affairs for the first time since 9/11
Sequester Diary
James Campion

Saturday 10:46 AM
Sick as a dog; strike that, no mammal could possibly endure this strange cocktail of searing throat pain and high fevers and continue to call itself canine.
Quakes All Round

James Skinner

Spain is still reeling over the corruption scandals. The situation is hitting at the very heart of the nation’s integrity; the ruling government on the one hand and the monarchy on the other
Still Dancin'
Dean Borok

Anybody who wants to get a thumbnail of the changing demographic of American society would do well to take a ride uptown to the Lorenz Latin Dance Studio on 110th Street

Father & Daughter
Dan Beckmann

As a teenager, every April 16th, over a cup of coffee, Lauren and I would reminisce. We’d mark a new year, talk about our past trips, and dream of places yet to see
The Excellent Diner's Adventure
John M Edwards

Everyone knows that the iconic boxy metallic diners of 1950s Americana, straight out of “American Graffiti,” are all owned by the ancient fraternal order of the Greeks
Fat Talk
Dean Borok

I’m no genius. I took an online IQ test and barely scored in the average range. Never mind that – a lot of dummies have hit success solely by virtue of perseverance.
February 14
Tyrel Nelson

“We need to go up one more row,” Ron decides. “We can’t end the day on thirteen.”
Singapore Slingers —The ASEAN Basketball League - Mike Weisbuch
The joy of the Filipino Singaporean basketball lovers and their various heroes
I’m only a girl [?]
Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani

For centuries wide, we have automatically grilled the female gender for being pernickety over selecting a prince charming of her dreams to support her for life

REVIEWS Film & Books
Just Another Love Story
Fisayo Talabi

I woke up with this odd feeling that something strange was going to happen
The Meeting
Kim Schultz

When Omar and Kim met, their eyes locked and their only thought was the other.  It was in Damascus, during introductions at this ‘social hour’
Martin Green

The church lobby was crowded with people  George Baker had been a popular guy.  George’s oldest son was to give the eulogy. I was going to speak next. I had no idea what I was going to say 
Meeting at the Hide-Away bar & grill
Leroy B. Vaughn

A light snow was falling as Mickey Weldon left the diner and made his way down Madison Street.

Oswaldo Jimenez

Last Sunday, I was driven in a white stretch-limousine, a very long, long, limo, to the home of a wealthy individual whose estate is surrounded by Sycamore trees in a peninsula bounded by the waters of the Long Island Sound
April Fools’ Day
Michelle D’costa

You know you are damned if your family follows every single freaking special DAY of the year.
The Whale and the Wind
Isabella Kerr

A fly buzzed into the kitchen through the gap in the window.  It flew in on a breeze, out of the harsh sunlight of the day, and spiraled down to where the boy was sitting at the table.

Review of eFiction Magazine - India
Michelle D'costa

Most of us need a reason to do something, a muse. For writers it has been eFiction India. Before this multi-faceted journal came into their lives their voice had been stifled.
The Obsidian Mirror

by Catherine Fisher
Sam Hawksmoor
Catherine Fisher specialises in complex dark, crowded stories with many twists, turns and betrayals
Rise of the Guardians
Holly Trinder review

A dark shadow is consuming the globe, turning dreams to nightmares, and belief to fear
The Repercussions of Tomas D by Sam Hawksmoor
A Charlie Dickinson review

Hawksmoor is a vivid writer of compelling details and action
The Longest Way Home : One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down
by Andrew McCarthy
John M Edwards review 
The Return of the Late Bruce Chatwin
John M. Edwards

For the late great Bruce Chatwin life was a journey to be taken on two legs. Obsessed with nomads, he periodically became one himself, ditching two successful careers

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum -
Augustus de Morgan
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