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The International Writers Magazine: Love and Poetry

Prelude for ‘Spaced’
Time is nothing but space that moves from one point to another. It is a common, even debatable, theory. What becomes unusual is when time freezes into a moment in all of that space and you are trapped in a large crystal-like sphere, with your hands and face pasted against one of the sides, as you try to look through to what rests in the alternative space called ‘beyond’.


It is also the truth that time does not stand still for anyone. Then, it would mean, it is the person who entraps in time rather than the other way round. But, then, time is also a mysterious science. All of these theories cannot, however, negate the fact that life in time is an eternal length of journey. We all speak of a fixed destination called the Afterlife or Eternity. But, if Eternity is another life of its own and a new journey to make, the destination isn’t really fixed because the Afterlife is all about discovering what lays in or possibly beyond Eternity…

I wrote most of these poems during a space in my frozen time that did not give me the liberty to push up against any side of the sphere I was caught in to be able to see the benefits of an alternative beyond. There are many stages of love – many stages to love. And each stage is an ascending staircase, where when you reach the epitome there is no other way to go but down. If the ascension takes you to what you desire, or kept desiring all the while of the climb, then the landing at the end of the stairwell becomes home. Once home, there is no other place to be.

This book speaks not just about love lost or found, but also of many experiences that I lived through of other people’s. I’ve always contended that the best form of poetry is not just the simpler ones but also that are empathetic. It is the kind of sight where you look at a painting and not just see a landscape, object or person in it but take the time to look into what’s been depicted. To be able to see the stream move, the trees bob, the people talk, the life come alive; all of the intricacies to actually speak to you, and tell you a story is when the story is truly complete. I also believe it isn’t important whether you get the story right - as long as you are able to contrive one of your own regardless of how far off of the actual story it is. That’s what makes artistry sorcery (magical). And that’s exactly how I want my writs to be perceived; every sense and sentiment putting their own story to it. That way my writs will live not just a story I’ve told but a million others attached to it.

Time or space, or both are similar that way. All of the molecular pockets that travel through the length of space probably converge with the others, marry each other even! So, when we look at the sky, there is probably much more happening than just an empty, dark expanse going about its usual business of casting darkness. Every person, in life, is put through pain – to learn from it. I’ve landed to the notion that those who haven’t yet deciphered their lesson, go through pain repeatedly until they do. Perhaps, to my understanding, that’s the universe’s way of sending an alarm. If one keeps hitting snooze, they may get their extra ten minutes of sleep but soon enough the alarm will detonate, and so will the pain. Or, my alternate theory is, that one is put through pain routinely despite achieving the lesson intended in order to prepare or mould for a higher (diviner) purpose or service. Either way, time will find a way to provide sustenance and relief.

My book, to large, talks about time that hasn’t yet forgotten or forgiven or is in the process of the two. I hope readers will establish familiarity – or an echo (through my poems); a voice that would be leveled in tonality or lilt to the ones of their souls, like an echo-sounder that is used to measure the depth of water but in the process tends to cause reverberating ripples all around its liquid space (mass). That is how I want my words to travel. In simple form. Through my space into yours.

The philosophies of love and spirituality have perennially captivated me. When both combined, these elements can seduce a person to stay in self-built traps of its aura for all of lifetime. When love is paired with spirituality, there is a new form of divinity. Love, I believe, is an element that carries various facets and each one carrying the trigger to drive one insane. Sometimes, some people in life you meet (or don’t meet) and the image of their face becomes so large in your eyes that there remains no sane demarcation between reality and delusions. There is neither explanation nor reasoning, just a brewing obsession despite the lucidity of the impossibilities. Spirituality provides the balance, rationale and most importantly patience. The peace and acceptance to let go and trust life and time carry you into better space through steadfast faith.

Some may say that spirituality could lead you to obsess about the unknown. My take: isn’t that the beauty of it?!

What does a man in love covet?

Tis nothing but a stillness of heart.

My fetched theory is spirituality gives one just that – a distraction (in the form of the unknown).

Written by : Sheikha A.
My book has been published by Hammer and Anvil Books. Kindle version is available on

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