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••• The International Writers Magazine - 23 Years on-line - Post Covid

Surviving a bout of Covid
• Sam Hawksmoor
Apparently there isn't anything you can take to help with the symptoms and if you try projectile vomiting is less than attractive ...

I was pondering what the hell to write after I finally recovered from Covid.  You hear all kinds of horror stories and it’s my good fortune to have been vaccinated last year so I avoided ending up on a ventilator or dead.  But the high temperatures, the extreme nausea, the dizziness were quite enough and it lasted days. Not helped living alone, but at least no one could hear me coughing 24/7 or the loud groaning. Of course, lying there in bed day after day staring at the crack in the wall I was supposed to have fixed back in July doesn't help. (I finally fixed it today). Nothing helped during the worst of it. No one can come in, your doctor won't see you and the hospital says stay away. You are absolutely on your own. The news on the radio was annoying, my phone was annoying, I lost focus and couldn't read anything. Even music wouldn't help. Everything was wrong.

I can finally go out for a walk now but feel quite weak.  My neighbours left milk and bread on my doorstep, which was kind, but in common with other Covid sufferers everything tastes and smells disgusting now and I’ve lost a good ten pounds in weight or more.  It's been eleven days now and I still can't face food.

The worst side effect is now I have shingles. Not in the least bit surprised by this. This is the year I am getting everything.  I lost my slot for a further heart op and wonder if I’ll get it now as strikes loom in the NHS.  But let’s count my blessings. I’m still alive – ready to freeze to death with everyone else this winter when we can’t afford to put the heating on.  See there are always positives.

Covid is still out there – wear a mask even if you don’t think it’s cool. 
© Sam Hawksmoor 10.9.22

The Book of Ashes
New from Sam Hawksmoor
ISBN: 979-8-837434-952
Hammer & Tong 2022 - print and kindle

'an immensely satisfying story' -
Walli Leff on Goodreads.

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