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The International Writers Magazine - Our Tenth Year: Tabytha Towe's Diary

Summer in Toronto
Tabytha Towe

It's raining miserably today, but yesterday it was an atrocious scorcher and I had the best day off work here ever so far! It was bright and hot, I got to hang out with lovely friends all day, had lunch at the market, shopped in Chinatown, had beer on a couple patios, rode the trusty, ol' rusty bike around town, saw a roof-top outdoor movie....I mean man, what a fantastic day I must say. Oh yes, by the way it is an absolute relief I have finally got a bike. This city is simply too big, plus my thighs could use the extra burn. It's pretty much the smartest purchase I could have got for living here.

So Toronto weather definitely cannot make up it's mind, but at least I have made up mine now. I will stay put, for a while yet. Living in this place is incredible. I love it!!! Australia who? (Just kidding, I still miss it, 'heaps' and the boy, mates, wine.... sigh).

At last settled, my life can be more relaxed and fun now. Perhaps this is why I am enjoying life here so utterly, why I find it so incredibly bedazzling; because I'm not stuck anymore nor frantic and my heart has ceased the anguish of mourning. I'm moving on and getting by.

I really enjoy my job, despite those loathsome, morning shifts! But I think it's some of the most fun I've had working, also a lot of hard work. I sweat buckets and have to concentrate on the job for it's bustling and I can appreciate that. There's six great venues, all quite unique and the crew on board I have the pleasure of doing business alongside are wonderful people. I love my house.... a home, at last.

My flatmates and I have been working on this transition for weeks, but it's almost there. We just need one more couch and a barbeque. We have nice furniture and art and I am so lucky to live with this lovely bunch of coconuts in our three storey hovel. We have a garden, we are planting too, so you see it's all so very exciting really when things and people come together. I hang out at home alone often, I like being domesticated, it's cosy. And it's so nice to have those off chance evenings with everyone home at once so you can make dinner for each other; it reminds me of family, way back when....

There are a lot of great events going on. Conventions and festivals daily. Even just going for a stroll to the park there will probably be a cheese stand or garage sale or parade or party happening. Communities here are very industrious and motivated. Nearly everyone I know is an artist of some form and lead busy lives, between work, their music or art or what have you, maybe children to take care of too, atop with a social and cultural life to come play and discover, it's no wonder this city is so vibrant, people like doing stuff.

Recently witnessed a concert with major musicians that invigorated my bones. Tom Morello, Boots Rilley, Trent Reznor, Dave Navaro and Perry Farrell all on the same bill at an outdoor amphitheatre, you gotta be kidding me! What a fine show, fine night. There are a million exhibitions, shows, events and festivals put on this season. I hope I get more time to embrace them. I will even buy dancing shoes!

Of course being me, typically spontaneous and usually a lusting, hyper vacuum for ideas and fun, I am keen to re-invent myself again, in many ways, (though some of my ideas are nearly impossible, unless I can split myself into two).
I had the best time in Melbourne and had a great livelihood there, but I didn't do many things I wanted to do. I tend to get rather bored of myself sometimes, but now I'm looking forward to everything it seems, even just being with me. I like going for walks and thinking, reading, observing and soaking in my surroundings. Being by yourself somewhat helps you assimilate you're travels, well for me it represents ultimate freedom. That's why I want to see the world solo and meet people as we cross winding paths.

I went vegan for my first month here, staying with a happily married couple who make tofu taste like heaven. I try to eat right as much as I can, though sometimes I still crave a little meat and have eggs for breakfast or milk in my coffee instead of soy, but what a difference from what I was used to before living with the boyfriend, we ate meat often. Mmmm, those 3am wraps he'd make! I can still be good and cheat without guilt once in a while, dabble into fish and the rare steak (but cooked medium!)

My first case for re-invention #101 is getting a proper hair cut. It took over 2 years to grow this long thus far and now I'm too impatient to wait for it to be longer already, so I reckon I'll go opposite and shave the damned crop. It's too hot in summer here for hair anyways, so by next week I will have a mohawk, but a feminine-stylish one. I can still get away with a punky cut before I'm 30. Also, my tattoo is booked in for next week as well, my ode to my mark in Australia. The design is of a kookaburra (the laughing bird, it's cute and vicious, chubby and fluffy carrying grapes in it's mouth because I adored the Aussie wine so much. Then I am actually going to get fit - 'ish'. Bike riding is enough, but I'm going back into yoga cause lord knows I could do with some stretches and mental cleansing. My work even hosts a couple yoga classes on it's patio, sweet huh! I never will be a gym girl though, it's my testament against camel toe spandex and smelly work out rooms with 'roid monkeys.

And, last debate for #101 rules, but not the least, I am writing more and want to write for a local magazine. I am adamant to get a paid, part time gig and get some guidance on my writing skills. My journal is my bible and I constantly have urges to get my ideas out on paper. If I cannot play guitar (yet) then my fingers shall strum with ink instead. I'm aspiring to photograph everyone and everything too. Coming to new places and seeing things for the first time through new eyes makes everyday simple objects look beautiful. A sign, people walking on the pavement, friends making silly faces, a rubbish bin with over flowing junk, I want to capture it all. I was riding through the city yesterday with my camera swaying from my handlebars just taking random, passing-by shots in motion. Undoubtedly they were a series of blurred action and background, but I enjoyed the concept. Plus it didn't seem creepy and invading on the public if I could whisk by in a clever effort to shoot them going about their affairs unawares
I'm want to paint and explore my creativity, for something resides in and I don't know what it is yet but I'll sure feel good when it's been excised. We have a little solarium that would be perfect to splash out for arts and crafts! Maybe I will even try to learn another language. Where can I buy all of this time I have not a got a clue, but it's all a great idea indeed.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a Book Club/swap that will entertain us readers and winos bi-monthly. My fantasy is by the next one we would have finished our chosen book and have swapped with others for their recommendations and have more people join us. How convenient and a bit sweet. I'm such a sucker for making dates, like I also want to start a Monday Poker night/barbie every week for those close in the neighbourhood.

Yeah things looking up, I'm very happy here in my new home. I will visit Vancouver next month to say hello because I am overdue and miss loved ones, but I think I will reside in Toronto a bit longer. The shoe kind of fits right now....
Goodness I'm even smiling to myself incessantly listening to the heavy rain drops, weird!?
Till next time Cheers!
© Tabytha June 17th 2009
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