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TAB enrolls at the Vancouver Film School
As for me, you have probably heard by now that I got my dumb ass fired from my absolute crap job. Turns out that I don't put enough passion into selling shoes, even despite selling over my quota each shift!? Does that seem right to you? They did not give me enough credibility. They actually tried to rip me off a couple hours pay.

It was a conspiracy from the start I tell you. But, nonetheless, my journey for a new job ventures on. Though I never would have thought that I would ever feel so relieved after getting fired. It was a subconscious deliberation. I think my days of working in retail are over, especially in shoes.

However, in a few months I hope to be somewhere in the film industry, even if I start off being a "Helper". (They actually do use the term "Helper" by the way.) I am really enjoying school for once in my life. The courses I'm taking are definitely beneficial and I find I'm learning a lot already. I have no intentions of slacking off this time, whereas in high school the whole idea seems to be 'how well you can slack off.'

I've only just started out at VFS (Vancouver Film School) but I know that what I gain from it will inevitably get me into the game. I've figured by now that the business is certainly a game, one in which you constantly win some and lose some. How does the quote go? "The film industry is just a trench war for money, where pimps, drug dealers and midgets run wild and good men die like dogs." Or something or other. I thought you'd like it.

It appears that I am the absolute youngest of my entire school. I'm getting a real head start here, half the students are over thirty. That's one very important issue actually, that one must lie about their age if they want to get work. I don't think it's neccessary for me to lie for another ten years, but who knows, soon 12 year olds will be coming in.

Are you aware that I've even taken up scriptwriting. It's quite interesting, however frustrating. Although, I'm not sure as of yet whether I'll either grow to love it or hate it (so I hear through the grape vine there's a very fine line.) It almost astonishes me that a single screenplay goes through a filtering process of up to 40 other writers' hands to 'improve' it for the box office. Now where's the originality in that? Doesn't that concept just destroy someone else’s work? Whatever works anyhow.

Men must find producing screenplays to be more of a personal thing. I say that because they all seem to have the same air about them. They carry their bags the same, all on their left shoulders thrusting against their hip bones, serious-toned expressions with a hint of softness in their faces, hands a little shaky from typing (I suppose), coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other, typical writers don't you know. It's redundant to say that of course, they are not all completely alike, it's just that I've observed their similiarities. Great characters really. It may also be the fact that I am the only girl in my Tuesdays' Scriptwriting course (well, aside from the two other woman that is, but that's beside the point.) I can't even describe them. Us girls are individuals...

Anyways, enough on that subject, that's just part of the new excitement for Tabytha - getting a life suddenly out of nowhere.

I have also bought my first car ever!!! Yeah me! It's an '86 Honda Civic hatchback gold, and yes it is standard shift. I love that beautiful hunk of metal. Now if I can only learn how to drive it properly. I'm used to automatic see, therefore when I hop in a manual, people should stay well away. But I'll get the hang of it in no time (when all pedestrians can come out again.)

Good Lord, I think the money I put into it -in stickers alone- is more than the car is worth. Not quite, but there are at least 7 stickers on there and my insurance is in fact a higher price than my precious little Honda. I guess that means no accidents huh.
And do change that picture you have of me in your mag, I know you have others.
Best of luck and lots of love always
Tabs xox

*Rumour has it that she has already crashed the car!

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