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••• The International Writers Magazine: From Martin Green, California

A Note of Thanks to Hackwriters
• Martin Green

Dog Dinner

As stated elsewhere, Hackwriters has been around for 19 years.  If I can remember that far back, I’d become (after retiring) a free-lance writer at that time, doing pieces for our local newspaper.  I was also submitting short stories, an arduous process involving putting a smaller SASE envelopes into a larger envelope, then going to the post office to mail in, then hoping for a replay within six months.   Then along came online magazines like Hackwriters and you could simply e-mail your stories and, even better, get them published.

Sam North was good enough to publish many of my stories in Hackwriters and that gave me a chance to experiment with different types and topics, including getting old.  So this is a note of thanks for granting me something all writers want, a readership.  I’ll miss Hackwriters, as I’m sure all of its writers and readers will, but it’s been a long and happy ride so once again - Thanks.

© Martin Green Dec 3rd 2017

After the Surgery
Martin Green
It was my first day home after knee replacement surgery.  Although the procedure had become routine, especially for old guys like me whose joints were wearing out, it still was, as my doctor reminded me, major surgery.
Adultery for Beginners
Martin Green

One thing led to another, as they say, and, yeah, I guess I was unfaithful.   It would had seemed stupid to turn down the opportunity. 
Interview with a Family Man
Martin Green

“Can I tell you something,” he said, “off the record?”
Rosemary Harper
Martin Green

It was a nice spring day in Sacramento, one to enjoy before the summer heat settled in.  I was having lunch with Rosemary Harper, my lead analyst, in the Capitol building cafeteria.  

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