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The Repossession of Genie Magee



The International Writers Magazine: Review

The Hunting of Genie Magee by Sam Hawksmoor

• Tom D Harris
After surviving the cruel experiments of the evil Fortress the four friends, Rian, Renee, Genie Magee and Moucher, are on the run from the sinister Carson Strindberg and the Reverend Schneider who have slapped a $10,000 dollar reward on their heads, claiming they now own their DNA!

The Hunting of Genie Magee

“It’s them,” someone shouted. “I know it is. It’s them.”
Genie’s heart nearly stopped.
“Jesus,” Rian exclaimed. “Who the hell?”
“Will they shoot?” Renee asked.
“They don’t want us dead.” Genie muttered tersely. “They’ll want the reward money.”

The powerful searchlight was still seeking them. Rian ducked down beside Genie.
“Start praying.”
“I am praying.”
“Good, ’cause I’m crapping myself here,” Renee said. “Who the hell are they?”
“Bounty hunters. I saw a pair go by earlier.”
Genie and Renee digested this set of facts. Hunters. Hunters meant guns. Big guns. Hunters liked shooting at things.

They are unable to find refuge in their deluded town of Spurlake, still sleepily unaware of the truth behind the thirty-six missing children that have been used in the sinister teleportation experiments in the mountains. If they are to survive the threat of the pursuing Mosquito choppers, cop cars and bounty hunters, Genie and the gang will need to rely on old friends like old man Ferry, ex-scientist, Marshall and his son Office Miller and any new ones they meet along the way.

They must also deal with the after-effects of the experiments they endured and survived, make sense of Genie's visions and her strange ability to freeze when connected to their friends who remain in a coma back at The Fortress. What is the importance of Radspan? Can it help them get revenge?

As the relentless pursuit continues, they must decide if they should remain hidden and run to Mexico or Alaska or stay, face their enemy and put an end to the hunt and fight back.

This intelligent, sci-fi adventure sequel with an environmental heart rips along, merging action and intrigue against the backdrop of the wilds of Whistler and Vancouver B.C.. There is some great dialogue and chemistry between the characters and the scene stealing Moucher, as Hawksmoor manages to answer every nagging question dwelling in the reader's mind with unnerving insight.

A terrific read and one that makes you think a lot about the consequences of our actions. It explores the reality of a dangerous future, when technology and science fall into the greedy, evil palms of big business. A future which isn't as far away as it once seemed.

© Tom D Harris
author The Amber Room

The Hunting - read more about it here

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