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Best Places to Visit in Turkey
• Nicola Williams
Turkey is a country that has cities that are rich in history, beautiful beaches, fine countryside and very friendly locals. Turkey offers diverse tourist attractions including the ancient ruins of Ephesus and the luxurious beach resorts along Aegean Sea. 

Blue Mosque
Istanbul ISTANBUL which was once the capital of Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, has a rich history of the evolution of Turkey and is a major tourist attraction.The largest city in Turkey with an estimate of 14.1 million people. Istanbul is also the county’s economic backbone as well as the cultural center of Turkey. The city stretches across Asia and Europe making it to be the only city in the world to stretch across two continents. The city has impressive architecture, dining, shopping, historic sites, nightlife and exotic atmosphere. 

Though Istanbul is greatly featured by millions of tourists annually, there are many other great tourist destinations. The best places outside Istanbul a tourist can visit in Turkey include; 

Cappadocia is situated in central Anatolia and is best known for its marvelous landscape characterized by fairy chimneys, cones, mushroom and the pineapples. It also has historic sites and buildings all around the city.  There are beautiful houses that were curved on rocks and other major natural landmarks. Historic churches and underground cities can also be found in Cappadocia as well as fantastic balloon rides over the landscape.
Ephesus EPHESUS was one of the largest cities during the 1st century BC in all of the Roman Empire. Artemis temple is found in Ephesus and is considered to be among the seven wonders of the ancient world. The remains of what was Ephesus are well preserved in a large archeological site which is one of the most visited sites in Turkey. The site includes an ancient theater, the magnificent Celsus library (which is a two storey building that houses more than 12,000 scrolls) and the temple of Hadrian. 
BODRUM is situated on the southern region of Aegean. It was once home to Mausoleum, which was also one of the wonders of the ancient world. The city is endowed with beautiful beaches, cliff top resorts, and stunning shopping malls.  A visit to Bodrum can never be complete without paying a visit to the Castle of St. Peter, also referred to as Bodrum Castle. The castle was built in 1402 by the Knights but today it stands as a museum and is also a major landmark in Bodrum.  Bodrum Silia
Turkey SIDE is a major port in the ancient Pamphylia and was once occupied by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC. Today, side is a picturesque that resembles a town of classic ruins. Though the town is ancient, there are modern day resorts, sandy white beaches and the atmosphere is superb. 
Side is also a fantastic place for sight-seeing, great nightlife, fine dining and great cuisine. Two of the major tourist attractions in side are Hellenistic and the Roman ruins that include the remains of a theaters and various temples. 

Tourists from all over the world are welcomed to Turkey to visit this marvelous sites and they can apply for an online Turkey visa to help in visa assistance.

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