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David - The boy who never had a good day
David Tavernier

There was once a boy who looked in the mirror, and all he saw were pimples. He thought he was the ugliest boy on earth. And when he woke up all he ever did was fight with everyone he ever met, because all he could see on their faces were pimples too. And he never understood why. And no matter how many people he talked to, he never really could understand why. And everyone always told him that he'd just have to cheer up but he couldn't, and he never understood why.

He'd go to school and he was tired. He'd go to bed and he couldn't sleep. He'd stay up late all night watching movies and played video games when he got home from school. And he could never talk to anyone about why, because he didn't even know himself. He couldn't even tell who he was on the outside. All he knew was that he was different. And the doctors said it was this and that, and his mom and dad and even his friends said it was this and that, but they could never really understand.

I think it was because they thought he was ugly. I think it was because they didn't want him around and didn't like him very much. He felt like everyone on earth was laughing at him because he felt so sad, even though on the outside he was really very handsome, and even then he knew that handsomeness came from the inside anyway and it wasn't really what was on the outside that mattered. They always said it was his inner demons, but he knew better.

He always felt like killing himself, but he never did. He also thought that he was going to die some gruesome death, but he never did either, even though he still thinks so sometimes. He had a disease they said made him paranoid, but, he didn't really think it was the truth. He just felt like everyone in the world was judging him and laughing at him because he was so shy and didn't really like to talk, and because he felt scared at night and sad and lonely when he was alone. But when he had a really good friend over he'd usually talk about what made him so sad and that would cheer him up.

But what they didn't know was that behind everything,the boy still had a good life. He loved his teddy bear. He liked his books. He liked reading stories and he thought that there was a God. He always wrote down his thoughts in journals. And every day he wrote down something different. He liked watching movies and he liked playing games with friends. He never thought too much of winning though he liked winning. And sometimes he felt sorry for the badguys in movies even though he knew the goodguys were supposed to win. He felt like his dad always thought he was a bad son, so he felt sorry for the bad guys who died in the movies because he knew they probably had journals and mom's and dad's who thought they were bad too, and maybe they were really good but they were just having a bad day, and maybe never even had a good day just like him.

He thought that maybe everyone who was good had something wrong with them, like they were missing part of their brain or had a lobotomy, and were just too good, and never hurt or never feel bad. And he never really liked that. He felt like they were all robots who knew everything and never really learned anything. And he felt like most of the goodguys were really the badguys because they were the ones killing people, and the badguys usually didn't do it even though they felt like it or tried to sometimes. They were the ones who got shot in the end. The little boy wanted the whole universe to fall into a black hole just so that everyone would get theirs in the end, and so that nobody would get the last laugh. Most of all, he hated people who would laugh at death and at sadness and at sorrow. He thought they were the worst people on earth, and that nothing would be too harsh for them all. Everyone had to learn to cry. And if you couldn't cry, that was the end.

One day, the little boy decided to talk to God. And God cheered him up. He said that the little boy was still very little, and that there was no reason to begin being so angry and sad and hurtful. God said he just had to calm down. All he had to do was think a little about something, anything that he loved. And what he thought about were the same people he loved who were always laughing whenever he was so sad. And what he realized was that they were really sad too, inside, but laughed on the outside to cover it up.

And from then on every day he'd talk to God about all the things that made him sad. And from then on, God would cheer him up sometimes he'd even talk to pretty girls about what made him so sad and they'd kiss. And that made him happiest.

David Tavernier Feb 2008
tavernier.david at

Zwolf the wonder dog
David Tavernier -

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