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••• The International Writers Magazine - 22 Years on-line - Living With Stress

Take A Deep Breath
• Murli Menon
Stess levels are constantly increasing as recent events have revealed. When there is mass fear fuelled by external events, inner balance gets lost.

Murli Menon

The mass media is adding fuel to the fire through 24/ 7  live telecasts, unnecessary panic (body language of anchors of mainstream TV and social media including emotional breakdowns,voice tone, shouting, fighting on camera) and minute by minute updates.

Laughter makes you breathe deeply while sobbing promotes shallow breathing. The immediate aftermath of such tragic events is felt by the victim's immediate family and friends. As the victims recount their tales, the psychological impact of the tragedy multiplies in geometric progression and within a few hours every human being is under severe physical, spiritual and mental stress. However, as one is not even aware of the effects of such unfortunate events on the unconscious mind, one brushes it off as a routine event! This is folly.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is the hidden and long term danger. This is what Psycho Neuro Immunology terms as increasing immunity through creative visualization to avoid the inevitable third wave.

The consequences of PTSD can cause incalculable damage to the collective unconscious. This can push the mind to make irrational and biased judgements leading to further distress. The need of the hour is to be calm, composed and united in the wake of this unfortunate tragedy. There is no benefit of playing the blame game as the past cannot be changed. Whatever has happened has happened. But we should not let this impact our present and future. When you lose you lose but don't lose the lesson. The need of the hour is to learn from our mistakes so that history does not repeat itself at regular intervals! A simple Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI) visualization technique called Rewinded Movie can be of tremendous help for all victims of panic.

The ZeNLP Rewinded Movie Technique for overcoming phobias

Sit in a comfortable posture in a place where you will not be disturbed. Play soft music in the background. Now, close your eyes, roll your eyeballs upwards and take three deep breaths. And after taking three deep breaths, you can allow your eyeballs to move downwards and visualize a blank screen.

Now imagine you are watching a movie of the traumatic event in colour.

You are alone in the theatre watching the event unfold on the cinemascopic screen in full colour.

Now, repeat this visualization, three times.

Next, rewind this movie like a video being rewinded backwards till you are at the start of the event.

Now, repeat this rewinding visualization, three times after 3 deep breaths before the visualization.

Open your eyes.

Switch off the music and repeat the whole exercise again without the music.

Outcome of this ZeNLP visualization exercise: Your mind has deleted the traumatic impact of the event on your unconscious mind permanently. This is equivalent of deleting a virus infected document from your hard disk into the recycle bin and emptying the contents of the recycle bin and encrypting the deleted file such that it can never be undeleted!

One can realize the tremendous power of one's mind by employing this technique. If all the traumatised individuals delete the event from one's unconscious, the impact of the phobia on the collective unconscious will be erased. This is the best strategy to defeat PTSD. Please amplify by sharing as sharing itself is caring....

For more information on Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI) email: anne_swelun at

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